Any yoyo from any brand


If you could choose one yoyo to represent an entire brand, what would it be. ie. Anglam for sOMETHING.

(major_seventh) #2

Like the flagship model of a company? CLYW Chief


I would say cheif for CLYW

Genesis for YYF

DM11 for Yoyojam


Freehand Mg for Duncan…It is pure Magnesium…


I would say imperial or butterfly because they are the most well known and common.

(Owen) #6

OG Royale for Square Wheels

OG Peak for CLYW

Cascade for OneDrop

(major_seventh) #7

Dark magic eleven? :wink:

(major_seventh) #8

Maybe Majesty for Gen yo


Seems like I missed #3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.

Oxy 5 for Oxygène.


Yup! Haha just kidding. I meant 2.


It may be because I’m old but I feel like the project or one of the Code throws would fit onedrop more and the 888 would be for yyf. The oxy 4 was what set oxy on the map as well. Spyy had the radian and the pure


Radian beats pure.


Nah, I would say Hattrick


Maybe a slepnir for yoyorecreation

And maybe a bad decision for werrd


element X for buzzon
kickside for yoyojam
psg for adegle
FH1 for duncan
gung fu for dbyy
milk for crucial

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #16

55 from yiff


CLYW- Chief
One Drop- Code 2
YYF- 888
YYR- Sleipnir
Duncan- FHZ
TP- Leviathan
G2- Albatross
General Yo- Majesty
Square Wheels- Royale
C3- Berserker
VSNYYC- Skywalker
Spin Dynamics- Flow
3YO3- Ti5
SPYY- Punchline Repeater
Werrd- Irony JP
Something- Anglam
ILYY- This is a hard one…I’m going to say Sakura.

(kclejeune) #18

Mmm tricky tricky.
CLYW- Chief
Onedrop- Format C…? Wait no OG project.
GeneralYo- hattrick I think…
YYR- Sleipnir
YYF- 888
YYJ- Hitman? It changed the yoyo world big time.
G2- Albatross
I’ll come up with more later.

  • Playmaxx Proyo (I, II, III; arguably the most iconic yoyo on the planet)
  • Yoyorecreation Sleipnir
  • Duncan Freehand (I, II)
  • VsNYYC Skywalker
  • YoyoJam Dark Magic (I, II)

By the way, it’s not pure magnesium.


True, but it’s Magnesium…