Favorite yoyo from each company

Okay, so as the title says, write down your favorite yoyo from each company. The rules are: 1) You can chose any company, 2) the yoyos must be with that company (so check and make sure first), and 3) You do not have to have thrown the yoyos you put down, if you like the shape, size, weight, etc. of it, then you can put that down. But, if you have a yoyo from that company, you do have to put that one down.

You can use more or less companies than I do but these are the ones I want to put down. Also, please write whether you have that yoyo or not.

YYF: Shutter (I own one, it just hasn’t come in the mail yet.
YYJ: Surge (Have this one)
Yomega: Ooch Yo (Have this one; ordering a Dash at the end of the month)
Duncan: Metal Drifter (Have this one)
One Drop: Cascade (I want one of these)
CLYW: Chief (I want one of these)
Adegle: Asteroid (I want one of these)
C3: Token (I have one, and love it)

Let’s see what you like.

Ill guess ill give this a shot.
YYF: Genesis
YYJ: Classic
CLYW: Cliff
General Yo: Tough choice between KLR and Purple Mountain Majesty

YYJ: All of em’ :stuck_out_tongue:
YYF: Equilateral was dope
Clyw: Puffing or Cliff
One Drop: Chik
C3: Yeah 3 and Halo
Something: Anglam, the V and Crazy D
Duncan: Magnitude
YoYoRecreation: Attune and Reclash

G2 - Quake
OD - code 1
CLYW - cliff
Yyj - classic
Duncan - FHZ
SW - Rex
3yo3 - bassline
MFD - Gelada
SPYY - Punchline

Those companies that don’t have a throw I love are not on this list, and this list only includes companies from whom I’ve thrown more than one yoyo - for clarity I own all of these except the Ranchero which I traded away:

YYF - Catalyst
3yo3 - Ti5
Anti-Yo - DriYwet
Chico - Gullwing
General-Yo - Majesty
HSpin - NVx
ILYY - Lio
NSCo - Aurora
RecRev - Silly Goose
SPYY - El Ranchero
TP - Maxbet
X3 - La Goutte
YoyoJoker - Eternity
YoyoRecreation - StarGeyser
CLYW - Canvas
OD - Code 1
Sturm Panzer - SY-003 Schneider
VsNYYC - Septopus/TiWalker

At first I thought this said best yoyo from each company! I was like “ohhh god not again…” :stuck_out_tongue:
I haven’t tried a lot of brands, so here it goes…
YYF: supernova
G2: nessie
CLYW: summit/chief
OD: code 2
YYR: overdrive
Short list :-\ but yeah…

Second commandment.

Just as a reminder. I would like to have everyone write down if they own or they want or they think the yoyo they chose looks cool, etc. If you would like to change the posts you already made, go for it, you don’t have to though. But, please, if you post after this one has been posted, then write down whether you have it or not.

Look at my post for an example.

I am only listing companies that I have either thrown all of or at least a good amount.

One Drop: Format: C
CLYW: Chief
General Yo: KLR
Spin Dynamics: Flow
Duncan: Barracuda
ILYY: Sakura
VsNYYC: Ti Walker
C3: Trident
Turning Point: RT
YYR: Sleipnir
YoYoJoker: Uroboros
YYJ: Classic
TMBR: Lovejoy

LOVE they Uroboros. So hard to come by these days though!

Yea they are!!! I kinda wish I still had mine. It was one heck of a fun throw!!

I have one. It was mint and beautiful until my mother threw it into a stone tile floor :wink: Still in pretty darn good condition though!

Did you mean “Third commandment.”? LOL.

Anyway, here are my favorites:

Duncan - Barracuda
Yomega - Glide (I don’t have one, but I threw one at Worlds.)
YYF - Tied between Supernova, Shutter, and Genesis.
YYJ - H3X (I don’t have one, but I threw one at Worlds.)

I think that I will stop there, LOL.

Deadly Spins: Pride
CLYW: Gnarwhal
YYR: Clashcube
Duncan: Barracuda
VsNYYC: Flying Hut
SPYY: Addiction 2

No, the Second Commandment is “Thou shall not use the Lord’s name in vain.”

It is the Second Commandment in Latin Catholicism, but for Protestants, it is the Third Commandment. Please though, let’s not bring religion in to this. This is not a religious forum, and we can avoid many unnecessary arguments and debates by doing so.

Oh, well it must be different for Catholics, because normally, the third commandment relates to using God’s name in vain.

YYF: Northstar- own
YYJ: Fiesta XX- own
Oxygène: Ozone- played
Yoyojoker: Double Joker LF- played
Yoyorec: overdrive- played
Duncan: Freehand Zero- own
CLYW: puffin- own
OD: cascade- played
Chico: Kestrel- own
C3yoyo: yeah 3- played
Adegle: PSG- own
X3: La Goutte- played
Turning Point: prominence- played

One Drop: Code 2
CLYW: Puffin/AC
General Yo: KLR
Duncan: Barracuda
VsNYYC: Battosai
C3: Actually like Alpha Crash more than Berzerker :stuck_out_tongue:
Turning Point: Lev 3
YYR: Clash Cube
YYJ: X Con Pro
TMBR: Baldwin
YYF: 2.0. One of my favorite undersized throws.

Do you expect me to say sorry? Because im not.