Flagship yo-yos?

I don’t know if that’s he right name for them, but like with OD it’s the code 2, CLYW it’s the chief, yyj it’s the dm, yyf it’s the 888 maybe? What do you guys think about companies and there flagship yoyo. Try to name a company, what you believe to be their flagship yoyo, and why it represents the company in such way.

I feel like YYF could be either the Genesis or the Supernova. They’re designed for competition and the choice of (what I feel like is) a majority of the YYF team.

For the companies you listed, I think I would say clyw would be the peak, od would be the 54, yyf is a toss up. I would either say the genesis or 888, and I agree that DM for yyj. It may now perform as well as a chief, but the peak is really where clyw started, and it’s easily one of the most sought after yoyos by them. OD you could have an argument for the code 2, but I think either the 54 or code 1 are bigger for them. For yyf it could go either way, they kind of have a lot of yoyos they’ve just stuck to and made tons of different versions of. genesis, 888, g5… I think the genesis plays way better, but I guess the 888 is probably a bit more important for them.

A few others
Duncan - imperial. It’s the most well known, probably most used yoyo ever made
Hspin - beysick
general yo - torrent
yomega - raider

Disagree for Hspin, I’d say the Pyro is a more important piece in their history.

X3 Steamroller
YYR Sleipnir, maybe Stardusts have had a greater impact
TP Positron, even if Levs are their biggest success
C3 Darkstar


I think for CLYW, it was the Peak. Most companies only consider shipping and currently produced products as something that can be considered a flagship model.

Based on what I see with CLYW, I think it’s a toss-up between the Chief and the Arctic Circle. I think they might try to rally around the Canvas but it’s just not up to the same standards as the other two.

Personally, I feel the Chief is the better performer of the two. However, the AC represents their latest efforts, which I think may make it take the flagship position.

As far as One Drop, it’s hard to say. The Code 1 and Code 2 are amazing, and being “community driven” products, it gives them an edge. Personally I like my Code 1 better, but both are amazing. Could it be the 54? I could see it. It’s a very safe, very good performing and very classic shape, with a serious twist, that being the side effects, which is part of what makes One Drop unique, albeit not quite so much anymore.

I think with MIckey leaving YYJ, they are going to fall back on two known names: Andre and JD. JD’s got a new signature coming out, the Trigger, but I don’t think they are gonna want to place a tag light “flaghship” on a cost-effective high performance plastic. I think due to popularity, the DM2 would most likely take the position of their flagship product.

No clue what YYF would choose. I got plenty by them, like them, but haven’t played the models being discussed. I do want the Superstar and MVP, but those aren’t anything amazing or super special. If they are steady movers, that could push flagship status on those models. However, they have so many brand name players with amazing endorsed yoyos, they could almost justify having a flagship group or series and it would make logical sense.

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CLYW - Peak
YYF - 888
OD - Project

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IMO, “flagship” is usually the product in a company’s line that was designed purely for ultimate performance with as little compromise as possible. It’s the billboard for what they are capable of, and hopefully, will create positive feelings about their entire line…even for customers who can’t afford the flagship.

So, usually I think it’s pretty easy. Which is the most expensive or the one their most successful players use?

I know SPYY had called the Pro the flagship model when it came out, but I’m not really sure if that stuck. It seemed like a departure from their original image more than anything.

EDIT: Then again, with the development of the Pro /series/, SPYY has been developing a new image for their competition based models. It could fit, but I still think it has been surpassed by their later models.

I feel like General Yo would be the Hatrick.

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For me, the flagship yoyo is the one that comes straight in mind when you hear or read the name of the company.

you sir, are correct

I’d actually think the Essence, since it’s everything they had made thusfar in a single yoyo. Y’know… the essence of General Yo.

That is the effect of the flagship, but it is not the definition. There is a reason a certain throw comes to mind and it has to do with the way the company designed and markets it.

Some definitions. I always thought that flagship (used in the way it’s being used in this thread) meant the first one of its kind or the first one in a series of products or something. Ex. One Drop Project.

Here are some real definitions. So I learned something today. :stuck_out_tongue:

flagship [ˈflægˌʃɪp]

  1. (Transport / Nautical Terms) a ship, esp in a fleet, aboard which the commander of the fleet is quartered
  2. (Transport / Nautical Terms) the most important ship belonging to a shipping company
  3. (Business / Marketing) a single item from a related group considered as the most important, often in establishing a public image

1: the ship that carries the commander of a fleet or subdivision of a fleet and flies the commander’s flag
: the finest, largest, or most important one of a series, network, or chain <the company’s flagship store>

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I think SPYY would be punchline/punchline repeater or addiction

Hspin- Envy
String Theory- Remnant
Werrd- Pacquiao
Yoyofactory- 888
YYR- Sleipner
OD- Code 1

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A yoyofactory flagship is kind of hard to decide on, but I think it’s either the Supernova or Genesis.
For Yomega it’s either the Maverick or the Dash.

I think being a “flagship” yoyo is a combination of everything everyone before me said. It should play good, be well known, important to the company, popular, etc.

Ilyy-lio Many people consider it the best ilyy. It probably over all their most well known.

yyf-888 it may not be their best, but it’s their most important. Everyone knows the 888, and they’ve made so many types.

General yo-hatrick I don’t think the essence can be the flagship because hardly anyone has one. plus I’d guess that the hatrick is more popular overall.

Werrd- Split decision its their most innovative yoyo, Its been around a while, and there’s just nothing else like it.

Clyw-Peak. It’s legendary in the yoyo community. It helped make clyw what it is today (very popular). And it’s just a great yoyo too.

VsNYYC- Skywalker. this needs no explanation.

Duncan-Imperial. I’ve got to agree with dynikus here. Even non yoyoers have heard of it. Everybody knows the imperial, and almost everyone has had one.

for yomega it would haveeee to be the raider

weerd wouldn’t be pacquio I think irony or 4xl