Flagship yo-yos?

I agree

I’d go
YYF - 888
CLYW - Peak (or I can see the Chief now too)
OD - 54, their first full size (i think)

I agree that yomega flagship is the rider up until now, but I see they making new prototype, so who know.

YYF … could be anything, but what I see is they set the genesis and supernova as their flagship now. Just by how they promote the thing.

YYjoker is the double joker
Yoyomonster is the dragon rouge
japan technology - kamui
yoyoskeel - stalker
diamont noir - celestial
crucial - still the milk i think. That thing come straight to mind when talking about the brand

I’m surprised no one has said the Radian for SPYY. That or the Addiction is what defines SPYY.

I’d also agree with Yoyo Penguin on ILYY. I believe that the Liopleurodon is their major mark on yoyoing. For OD I tend to think of the CODE 1. YYF is probably the 888. They’ve stuck behind it for years, and the 07 one is a legend.

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i would have to say - barebones, by dif-e-yo.

the barebones was the first in the ‘bones’ series back in '04, '05. recognition for this yo yo was instantly gain once dave schultz won an event at worlds w/ one.

expandin’ on the bones series, Mr. Difeo came out w/ the bonechip. a slightly undersized, lighter, faster dif-e-yo. and then w/ the ‘re-designed’ barebones - the crossbones…the bones series was solidified.

the barebones, imho, represented a dif-ferent direction in dif-e-yo yo yo designs. first yo yo w/ a stock pad recess and the feel of the weight placement was/is phenomenal.

however, w/ the addition of the juggernaut and rev.1 overhaul to the dif-e-yo family…Mr. Difeo has reinvented his designs yet again. incorporatin’ a hard coat, redesigned bearin’ seat, redesigned response (to accept flowable silicone), redesigned hub, weight placement, etc - it’s a whole new dif-e-yo game.

dif-e-yo yo yos, settin’ the bar in yo yo design for the last decade. before the rest, still the best. dif-e-yo = no regrets.



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Companies flagship yoyos don’t necessarily have to be their best playing yoyos. I would think it would be yoyos that have defined the companies, or that have been new innovations or have changed or moved the yoyo community whether it be sales or a new design. Someone said up there the yoyo that comes to mind when you first think of the company. That was great. That being said…

YoYoFactory- 888. Without a doubt, probably the best selling metal yoyo of all time. Extremely popular. If it wasn’t the 888, it would probably have to be the Genesis. Both great throws used by so many competitors.

YoYoJam - Dark Magic. I think this is quite obvious and needs no further explination. aha

CLYW - Wooly Marmot (or Peak). These yoyos defined the company and were easily their best selling. I remember when people went crazy for these things. Heck I still want BOTH.

General Yo - Hatrick I think word spread about General Yo most when the Hatrick was announced/released. Everyone was raving about these throws. Ernie even made a second run. Although they are no longer produced, I still believe this to be true.

One Drop - Project 1/2, or M1. Sad thing is most people on this forum dont even know what these are. Great throws, really popular and sooollldddd…

Here’s some other ones:
SPYY - Addiction
Crucial - Milk
Duncan - Imperial

Noobs on this forum will be listing all new yoyos which is kind of dissapointing, because most wont even know the yoyos that practically started it all.

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