flagship models

can people list all flagship models
all that I know
clyw: chief?
c3: beserker
yyf: superstar
yyj: dark magic 2 ?

One drop- COde 1 IMO

GEneral yo- Majesty(Everyone wants, nobody has)

I do!
As for YYF i would say something like the SuperNova or Genesis would be their flagship.

YYR- Sleipnir, TP- Positron

Duncan butterfly lol

I think YYF would be the 888.


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Werrd would definitely be the Ironies.

YYJ would be the dm2, but IMO the diamondback is their best yoyo.

CLYW peak/Chief, but IMO their best throw is the AC.

OneDrop would be the Codes/Cascade

I thought I was having crazy deja vu when I saw this thread…

I thought CLYW’s was the Peak. I am probably wrong though…,

Maybe back then. Now I’d say it is the chief.

3yo3 Ti5

Agreed. Now if only I could get my hands on one!

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Yeah. I did some Internet searching and it is the Chief.