Yoyo Appraisal Thread

My brother is curious how much a green and black edge monster would sell for. Any of y’all know?

$20- $60 pending on condition. They ounce retailed at $60. @Evan_Nagao is the current National Champ so there are probably a few out there collecting Edges.

Happy cake day!

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$125 to $150 maybe. Sales are very slow these days though.

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Can I get an appraisal for this? it’s a patreon exclusive G2 Life, black silver splash. no box.


Is it an AL7?

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That I don’t know unfortunately, I didn’t think there were different types of lifes made with the patreon release, and I didn’t ask the facebook page apart from confirmation that it was infact a patreon release.

Just asked right now, hopefully I’ll have an answer soon.

ok, so apparently it was a 2020 release AL6.

Any guess for a patreon exclusive AL6 G2 Life?

The life has been on the cheaper side of art stuff so I would probably say roughly $140 would probably be fair @pinhead

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thank you very much!

Could anyone let me know how much a mint with box wooly marmot 1 black silver splash would be thanks :pray:


Anti yo bsp. Has lots of scratches but still plays very nice. Looking for appraisals


It’s a beauty.


An all gold with light scratches went for $560 on eBay. I would price this one a bit lower at $450 since the forum tends to pay less and it has more damage.

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Would you like to purchase for 320 shipped? You seem like a trusted person on here I would send first to.

If you are selling, please post a BST.

Also, when you post a BST, please include a picture with your screen name and a date.
It will help, trust me.

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Price check on this tp absinthe? Its got a few light marks on the rim.
Also a price check on a 2020evora with some marks?


This may trend towards the obscure - AnY Miroc. IIRC - This was quickly removed form the market due to the “hub stacks” and they also had a patent dispute with YoYojam over the o-ring response. This one is mint with all parts (those aluminum stacks did not stay on well) individually numbered and engraved. No box, only the blue pouch you see.


I would probably list it at $180. A mint blue Miroc 2 sold for $160 last year so I could see this going for about the same. @jblack