You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...

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Thats too bad yoyo is life.

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When you suggest to Abby to say to your mom that you were actually thinking that you would like either yoyos or something else much more worrisome to your mom. “Mom, I really like the simple fun and challenge of yoyoing, but I have given what you said a lot of thought, and see that you are encouraging me to find some mature interests too. Although I would prefer the yoyos, there is this metal band that some people were telling me they were going to go see that sounds interesting…” :wink:


When your 5 year Anniversary present is a OD GZR Cascade and your arguing with your wife that you also need a TMBR Sullivan since it is technically the “wooden” anniversary. ::slight_smile:


When you sit down to use the restroom and you get out your mighty flea rather then your Iphone! ;D ;D

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(homeschooler story) when you go to a school once for an activity and everybody knows who you are because they have seen you yoyoing before.


When you get hired to be a masseuse because someone heard of how good you are at getting knots out…

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haha we all could get a job as a masseuse if that was the requirement


When someone sees a yoyo in your pocket and asks you if it is a can that holds an addictive substance, and you realize how addicted you are to yoyoing…
(This actually happened to meXD)


or when my dad says “what have you got in your pocket? It looks like a can of tobacco? You’re too young” I pull it out and we both laugh. Happened twice in a week. :smiley:


When you take a brand new nickel plated Markmont. Classic and soak it in Sprite for 2 days to put a patina on it.

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wow this thread hasn’t been bumped for over a month.

You know your obsessed with yoyoing when you have been logged onto these forums for 20 days


when you stop every minute and look around to find a place to film your next video

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without taking breaks for meals


You meet a random guy named chuck and asks for his autograph


You wake up and find a yoyo in the fridge for no reason. I don’t know how it got there. I’m not a drinker either.


This thread is great because of things like this.


Even when your not yoyoing you have the string on your finger in your pocket. And when someone wants to shake your hand you have to awkwardly try to pull the slipknot off your finger to get your hand out of your pocket. :stuck_out_tongue:


when you purchase some thick lube for non yoyo reasons :wink:


I don’t see how that makes you obsessed with yoyoing but ok


You freak out when you see a yoyo trick kit and you brag like “I CAN DO WALK THE DOG!”