You know you're obsessed with yoyoing when...


When you spontaneously yoyo during the middle of a school play.


You’re looking at pictures of yoyos and drooling over them


wow, i started this thread almost 5 years ago and It’s still goin. Crazy

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Your Johnny rocks? did you change your name?

And yes I’ve been keeping this thread bumped because I love it so this is just a great thread

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When you can make a routine and practice in your head while listening to the music.


i do it pretty much every day XD it is extremely awkward

you know your obsessed when you look at all things about to be thrown away and try and think of something you can do yoyo related with it,be it wood or a container or even packing supplies aka(stealing packing peanuts and foam from work when things get shipped there)XD
“i could try and turn that into a stand or something” “that would be cool to hold strings or bearings or something” “that would be cool to take a picture of my yoyo with”

blah blah blah obsession XD

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When it was the second day of your grandfather’s funeral and you choose to hang out with your yoyo friends instead of being with your family.


You’re terrible


When you wake up in the morning with a Yoyo in your hand and you don’t know how it got there ???


i had a gambit in my front pocket of what i deemed as my “molurners shirt” at my (stepish) grandfathers funeral XD no matter what i have one with me, i dun have any throw friends except my lil brother,so family and my throw buddy at the same time


and it will keep going until the end of time lol


You’re not much better :smiley:


Yeah i made a new account a while back :slight_smile:

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oh ok


youve got old string lying in your car, house even friend house and they dont even know


When your doing homework and you look up for a brief moment and you see your yoyo and it feels like it’s saying “It would, Be, Terrible, If you…, You know, GOT DISTRACTED!”


when you teach your new roommate how to bind the first day you meet.


When you have several shelves in your room dedicated to yoyo stuff.
When your homepage is
When your desktop is a slideshow of yo-yo’s.
When you find yourself talking about yo-yo’s every time you meet someone new.

(rizkiyoist) #2679

You know I had this kind of obsession to keep the caps on my yoyo as mint as possible, especially looping yoyos. I don’t let them sit on its cap (and if I have to do that I’ll do it very carefully and not move it even the slightest to prevent any scratch), but rather on the rim as I don’t mind scratching them. I will get very very upset if someone else just ignorantly place it on rough surface on its cap (as in, I think pretty much everyone else does this) as to cause the caps to look as if someone just took the roughest sandpaper and sand right on it.
Really… frustrate… me… off…
I spent my whole life keeping it mint, someone just scratch it as if it’s the last thing I would love to see before I died. It’s like taking care of your hard earned car, keep it in as good condition as possible, and then someone just happen to borrow it for demolition derby. I don’t care if it’s “just” a toy, it’s something precious.
The thing is, I don’t mind getting the caps scratched because of play, like when you accidentally hit something and leaves some huge mark, normally I don’t mind.
It’s just, scratching any part of the yoyo except the rims and except because of play… just pissed me off.


you find yo-yo parts in the wash!!! :joy::joy::joy: