Where do you put the string around your finger?


After you tie your slipknot where do you put it around your finger? I have always placed it behind my knuckle, bit I’ve seen many videos and pics of people with it just before it. am i doing it wrong?


I put it in the traditional spot… just beyond the first knuckle (the one closest to the fingertip) of my middle finger.


Same, and I always have the “2 strings” of the slipknot facing me, the single string facing away. Feels weird any other way, and I also have to cut the extra off my strings if I’m using Kitty and have to tie the knot myself, I hate having that extra piece hanging off.


Middle finger, middle/second link, right in the middle = right in the middle of my middle finger.

If I place the string right behind my knuckle, my throws feel awkward and mostly crooked.
If I place it closer to the tip of my finger, my throws feel awkward because I’m scared that I might fling the yoyo off my finger.


@Chimera: me, too. Although I’m told the “2-string” section is better to be the other way. In truth, I usually use a finch’s head knot so it doesn’t matter anyhow (it’s not going to slip) so I just keep the doubled section facing me. Feels weird any other way.

@Ted429: my reasoning is the same as yours (the crooked throw, the flinging).


the base of my finger


I feel sometimes my breakaway type throws are crooked and come out vibe the way i put on the string with is why i would try under my knuckle but I’m scared the yoyo will fall off.


I’m scared my finger will fall off whenever I put it at the end of my finger because my finger feels like it’s getting squeezed


I move it around from middle to forefinger, and sometimes I’ll do a mix of fore/middle or middle/ring. I also mix it up between 1st and 2nd knuckle. I tried the wrist, but just can’t play like that.

The reason I move it around is nerve damage requires me to keep the strain spread around or I will regret it and not be able to play for a while.

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The base of my pointer finger. Not kidding.


On the tip of my pinky…

Lol jk on the middle joint of my middle finger


I put it there too. I also always have the double part of the string facing me because it fells more comfortable. The bad thing about it being on the base of my index finger is I have a massive callus between my first and second knuckles and when that thing rips off, I can barely play for a week.

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Between the first two knuckles of my middle finger like most.


I sometimes put it behind the knuckle and sometimes before the knuckle depends what yoyo I’m using.


Right behind my second nuckle.


I put it between my index finger.


99% of th time I put it behind the second knuckle.

we all did as kids and it has not changed for me.

I try behind the first knuckle and it feels too strange.


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You get more control behind the first knuckle, especially with looping. Also you won’t get as much of a purply ring around your finger when you take the string off.


Back in the late 90s when the yoyo boom hit I used to place the string behind my second knuckle on my middle finger. Ever since I started unresponsive, back in December, I started placing the string behind my first knuckle on my middle finger. I feel like I have more control and cleaner throws with today’s modern wide gap throws.

I also place the slipknot on my finger so the side with 2 strings faces my index finger, which is unlike most people from what I hear. That’s how I’ve always played and it’s the most comfortable for me. There’s not really a right or wrong, whatever is most comfortable for you.


Base of middle finger.