String placement on finger...

Hi everyone,
First post on the forums…glad to be here!
I’m a beginner but used to throw the yoyo a lot when I was a kid. (many years ago). Anyway, I’m used to looping the string around my middle finger but all of the way to the bottom of the finger…closest to the palm of my hand.
I’m wondering if this string placement is a bad habit and if it will cause me difficulties when learning new and more advanced tricks. Or, can I stick with what feels right to me already and not worry about it?
If it’s a bad habit I want to begin “unlearning” it and get comfortable with the string looped where I understand to be the proper place on the finger, between the two knuckles closer to the tip of the finger.

thanks for any advice offered

Having the slipknot on your middle finger, between the first and second knuckle, gives you more control than having it all the way at the base of your middle finger. Some people have it in different positions though. For example, Tyler Severance (sp?) used to or still does, I am not sure, uses his index finger.

I’d personally recommend moving the loop down between your first and second (counting from the tip) knuckles. I used to wear the loop all the way down on the base of my finger too, but now I realize that alot of the nuances and other things that have become engraved into my play style and much of the techniques involved in modern yo-yoing in general just don’t seem possible to me with that slip knot placement.

ok, thanks for the advice. Sounds like i would be best to break the old habit and get used to the proper placement then.
Better now then never!