Knot placement

So im more used to putting the slip knot behind my second knuckle instead of between the first and second knuckles. What problems if any would be caused by this?

You don’t have as much control of the movement of the yoyo or the string.

It’s funny. I usually place my stringJust above the knuckle. But then sometimes I place it below half way between. I seem to have enough control either way. Don’t worry about it. Play how you want to.

I put it right behind my first, so it almost falls off.

Well I see a few. The biggest one being that your yoyo is not going to spin as long. You get more leverage at your finger tips. Plus you won’t have as much control and won’t be able to move the yoyo as fast. I would recomend getting used to throwing in front of the knuckle. But I was worse. I started out behind my knuckle on my index. Then infront on my index. Then behind my knuckle on behind the knuckle on my middle until i finnally got it right. And trust me, yoing got alot better when i moved to the front of the knuckls. It really isn’t that hard to ajust to. I would definatly reccomend doing it.

It’s all about preference. Put it where ever it feels most comfortable.

I began with the base of my middle finger as well. If you see it fit to change your preference at some point, do so. I had no problem with spin times, however, I had to change it to the second section of my finger for plastic whip among other tricks. Now I always wear it there, and now feels weird on the base.

just look at tyler severancce he yoyos with his index
index and middle dont matter at all placement does i yoyo with index cuz it feels better. just like left handed yoyoers and right handed yoyoers

So, are we modifying our fingers or the knot?

first it was knot then it started into a finger and knot placement discussion

woots i started a discussion