Yoyo finger loop placement?

Hey guys, I was wondering how where you guys usually put the slip knot on your finger? I always have it towards the base of my middle finger. Will I get a harder throw if I move the loop up farther on my finger like André says?

I always put it at the base of my middle finger. I don’t like the felling of it in the middle of my finger.

I put it here.

just below the knuckle.

I used to put it all the way at the base when I was just first learning, but I found that you’ll be much more likely to have a nice strong throw and more dexterity for complex maneuvers if you have it where Andre and icthus indicated

i put it where andre said but on my index finger it fells so much better in my index finger

That’s exactly where I put my string.

The “proper” placement is right below the first knuckle. Everybody does it differently though. I put it just below the second, and I believe Tyler Severance uses his index finger(I could be wrong or that could have changed, I just remember seeing a picture and reading a bit about it a few years ago)? Just use what feels right and gives you the best results.

I sometimes put it between my 1st and 2nd knuckle but other times I just put it on the base. It depends on what trick I’m doing.

I always put it by the base of my middle finger. it just feels more natural and controalable during like ladder escape

Base here, always done it that way. Makes some tricks harder but some easier, so it doesn’t really matter. Wherever feels comfortable for you.

Tyler Severance puts it at the base of his index finger… so you can go pro with it where ever…

I put it just below the knuckle, light andre says… I find I get a much stronger throw and much more control…

yay i can go pro i thought that because i use my index i cant become pro u just lifted my spirits mister ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D