Noob String Question

This may be kind of a dumb question, it’s definitely a noob question, but where is the best spot to place the string on your throw finger? I have always put it just behind my first knuckle (closest to my fingernail). The video says put it in the middle of your two knuckles. Does it really matter? I mean, I’m talking about maybe a quarter inch difference but does that quarter inch make ALL the difference?

Thanks. And sorry if that is a dumb question.

To tell you the truth, the only place that would probably make it harder to yo is if it was at the base of your finger. The 2 spot that are great for yoing is the first knuckle and between the two. this isn’t a stupid question at all, After all the first knuckle is the same place i put my string at too. later and keep it spinning.

Yeah, he puts it in the same place I do. As long as it is in between your 1st, and second knuckle, you are good to go.

However, some people put it at their base, Tyler Severance, for instance. And look at how awesome he is, lol

Thanks guys! I want to make sure the my fundamentals are solid so I have no excuses later on :wink: