String On Your Finger

Where do you suggest I put my string on my finger? I usually put it between the base of my finger (where it attaches to my hand) and when my finger starts to hurt I move it up to about half way up to my first joint from my finger. Does it make it any easier if I have it some where else, where do you put your’s? :slight_smile:

what i suggest is putting it between your two front nuckels on your middle finger :wink: if that still hurts put any sort of glove on and to make your string softer dip it in oil it makes it sooo soft and you probably already know this but make a slipknot so the string has a tight grip to your finger

I constantly try this but it feels like its going to slip off.

Addment: Are you serious about the lighter fluid thing?!

What kind of string are you using?

100% polyester (blue, not that it matters, by the way not up to me, brother picked it out) ;D

Ah, Good. I thought that it might have been cotton.

Put the string wherever it feels most comfortable. If it starts to hurt, just move it to another comfortable spot. Eventually you should develop a callous so that you won’t feel it anymore.
Also, When you make the slipknot, put the side with the single strand facing toward your body (If that makes sense). This should help slipping problems. If you need a better explanation, Andre covered it in the looping section.

Ok, but does dipping it in lighter fluid really help? It seems kinda weird, but if it helps I should try, But I want confermation before I fire hazard my string.


you can put it anywhere you like but the proper way is to put it in between you first and second knuckle on you middle finger. however you can place it on your fist or second knuckle if you prefer. I’m not sure if dipping your string in oil wile make it soft. i think that just might make it oily. if you need to you can rap some black electrical tape around your finger to stop the hurt. also are you putting the string on your finger right? hear is a diagram on how to put the string on your finger.

I’f that dosen’t help check out this vid.

keep it spinning

All the below advice will help except for the oil thing. I have NO IDEA why that was even suggested. Eventually, your skin there will start peeling, get brown, get thicker etc. That is good. The string will start to hurt less.

The string can be placed anywhere, as long as you’re comfortable. (Putting it on your index finger makes ladder escape near impossible) (Putting it on your thumb makes throwing hard) (Putting it on your wrist makes sleepers near imposssible)

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In first part Tommy shows where to place it. :wink:

As I read through this thread
I began to understand
The delight of the right
Placement of string.

As my little verse says, I just changed position of my string. I have been playing with the string on the same spot (below the section closest to the hand) for two months. And after playing with it on the middle of my finger for about a minute, I realised how much better it was to have it there. Now I just have to develop a callous on that spot.

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I Put it here:

As kim-Lan said. :wink:

This helps but when I put it on between my front and middle knuckle it feels like its gonna slip off ( I know it isnt) but it feels all over uncomforatable! So unless it is ABSOLUTLY necissary I’m gonna keep it in the same spot untill it needs to move.

That IS the best spot to keep your string on. If you keep your string there, you can move the string a lot more.

Addment: If you feel very uncomfotable with it, keep the string where you feel it’s the best.

put it where you feel most comfortable…

on ur pinkey if need be lol…