Which finger do you put your loop on?


Who put’s their slip knot yo yo string on the middle phalanx(middle knuckle)? Who puts their slip knot on the proximal phalanx(upper knuckle)? I prefer the proximal phalanx… But I still need to search for my yo yo tape, so I have to switch back and fourth to not cut the blood circulation of my fingers >.<.


Put it in between your middle finger knuckles.


Haha, my bad I thought you where asking which finger to put it on! ;D I just put it in-between my middle finger knuckles.

Also try a yoyo glove(Duncan $4).


Fail, but ok


I put the string on the most back part of my middle finger (the thickest part), I use it in all play styles.


Same with me, its hard to find other players who do this.


I agree, I didn’t know people used it in other places.


I put my string there, too.


Try masking tape out or that blue painters tape. You can cut it to the size you need.


Cut the fingers off a latex glove and use them as a slip on for ur throw finger.


I use the base of my index finger.


I always thought the most common place was middle finger, middle phalanx (between 2nd and 3rd knuckle) because it gives the best control. But do whatever works for you. When I first started, I remember putting it as far back as I could on my index finger. Returning the yoyo repeatedly hit a bone on my palm though, which hurt pretty bad after a while.
also don’t worry about things like yoyo tape, or painters tape, etc etc. Just build up a callous in whatever spot you’re most comfortable using. after a pretty short time, you won’t really feel any pain.