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This is the conundrum, I was wondering where you put the slip knot around your finger (and which finger). I put it at the very back of my middle finger. I see yoyoers putting it in the middle, or near the tip of there finger. Is there a ‘correct’ way to do it? I know Tyler Severance puts it on his pointer finger, I think at the back. Or it is more of a matter of preference.

Just wondering, does anybody else yoyo with the slip knot somewhere different?


First joint (closest to tip) on middle finger.


i put my slipknot right infront of the knuckle in the middle of my finger (towards the tip of my finger). I don’t think there is a correct way but I’ve heard the if you put the knot too far back on your finger it cuts off circulation

but when i put the string to close to the tip of my finger it starts sliding off haha. One time my yoyo nearly flew away

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I’ve always been afraid it would fall off…


Putting it on the joint tends to keep it in place. I also feel I have more control when it’s there rather than further back.


i keep it in the back and so do my other freinds we seem to have kinda more contro when do continous tricks but thats just us


I believe it is just a suggestion to put it between first and second joint of the middle finger, but it only comes down to preference.


i do it on my middle finger in the middle of it… sometimes i go to the first joint but thats when im doing tricks that require more speed
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same here :smiley:


i slip it on behind the 2nd joint on my middle finger…but not all the way down to the hand.

also, when i throw breakaways, i’ve made it a habit to make sure the string is on top of my index finger. this way the index finger deals w/ most of the force - i think it helps my middle finger stay ‘healthier’.

however, for 2a - i noticed that slippin’ the string on or near the first joint works best. gives me better control over flicks and loops.




I do believe that’s the most common place for people to put the slip knot.
but it’s really just personal preference. Severance does it with his index, and he’s a world champ. so… it doesn’t really matter.


In 5a : no slipnot.


I lol’d.



I didn’t mean to thank you.

I just wanted to quote you and say that I don’t know why that matters…


I think he was saying that because I mentioned tyler severance being a world champ.
I forgot that he won worlds doing 5a, not 1a. ><
But he still is pretty good at 1a… lol


I remember when I first started yoyoing, I always used the index finger. I then noticed the instructions said to use the middle finger which I tried…found I had a better grip and more control when throwing. I typically put my string on between the first and second joint so that I know for sure it’s attached yet it’s not too far in (so that I can get a clean throw).


That is what i do or i put it just below that.


I remember putting the string on the very back of my index finger when I first started.


When I started I put it on the back of my middle finger, but now I put it in the middle.


back of my middle finger, it gives more control, but makes it harder to land chopstick type tricks, but the main reason i do it is if the yoyo is on the back of my finger and when i play i land the string closer to the end it gives it more dimension instead the strings all just being on top of the other, i know it slows the yoyo a little bit because of friction but idrc.