String not on my finger the right way?!

its come to my attention that people dont put the string all the way on there finger… and i just put it on with the not… no slipknot or anything. I guess this makes me different?! Does anybody else throw this way? :-[

Have the string on your finger properly will make it easier and safer.

I try to but im just not used to it :-[

I don’t think it matters too much if it’s not slipping off at all. If it does start comin’ off in play or spin’ you should get in the habit of making a slip knot.

It does take a bit to get used to I guess, but the upside is its much less likely to send your nice yoyo sailing across the room.

The way i do it is the most secure way in my mind… its very tight and doesnt come off :wink:

You then also run the risk of “it not coming off” which may be more harmful. It is advised, it is like driving a car missing a wheel it may work for now but long term you will be thankful.

Well Tyler Severance wears it on his pointer finger. So, it doesn’t really matter, but I believe it might cause problems in the long run, but I’m not a doctor haha. God Bless - Moefv

Wait until something expensive gets destroyed or someone gets hurt. Then you’ll try doing things the right way.

Seriously, do the slipknot properly. Get used to it! Everyone will thank you for it. Well maybe nobody will buy your enjoyment will increase because your yoyo won’t be launching off your finger. My wife put her finger through the loop, threw it and hit a kid hard in the head! Learn from that fail!!!

Ha, that’s the first thing I thought of when I read the OP.

And yea, use a slip knot. Which finger and which knuckle are up to you though. Most use the middle finger on the center section of the finger.

Then there’s also Zammy who does some insane big loop slipping it on and off his hand mid-air
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yeh, I threw at the base of my middle finger with no slipknot for about half a year at first. then I realized andre and many others threw with a slipknot on the middle joint of the middle finger. TRUST ME it feels weird at first but it will help you throw faster and more comfortably. just get used to it, and put the part of the slipknot with 2 strings away from your body so it gets tighter. ;D

Whenever I play with the string above the middle knuckle, which I think is what you’re describing, I always feel worried it will slip off. Though it definitely feels like there’s more control that way.

I’ve also played with the string around the middle and index finger which is interesting. Sort of.
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I started doing my souplike but I’m using the farthest back nuckle on my middle finger because the middle was really irritating my finger :slight_smile: