Stop your slip knot from slipping on slippery string

So most of the strings I prefer are fairly slippery (Toxic Snakes, Big Yoyo String Cyber Silk, etc). Unfortunately is seems like the slip knot is constantly spinning around my finger which sometimes leaves me in a difficult position. I found that if I tie a small knot at the top of my loop, it stops the slip knot from getting loose while I’m playing. It’s pretty easy to do before you tie the loop. Here’s a couple of pictures to explain.


not a bad idea!

I hate when that happens or it slides off completely!

Yeah it drives me nuts! I really like the cyber silks, but they spin on my finger so much that I get frustrated and switch to a different string. This has really cleared up the issue for me.

Or you can double loop it on your finger. Whatever works I guess.

I think double looping it would be better since it distributes the weight in a bigger area, but that works too.

The problem I have with double looping is it gets too tight. It won’t easily slide off. Doing it this way lets it stay tight when there is tension, but lets the loop slide easy when you are taking it on and off.

Not sure I follow that comment. Maybe I’m double looping it wrong.

I need to try that right away, I love nylon string but have a lot of problem with it.

Seriously, I can’t even use cotton strings without feeling like they’re going to fly off. I think my fingers are too tapered at that end, with the last knuckle not having enough of a “bump” for comfort. I mean… COTTON strings for crying out loud!

I have grown accustomed to using a finch head knot, and I’m uneasy any time I use a regular slipknot these days.

Here’s a video of two methods. It’s not as clear as I meant it to be, but if you try it out instead of just rewinding the video a bunch of times, you should get the idea of how to tie it right away.


It IS tighter, it does NOT give you any slack, and it IS less comfortable. Especially until your fingers toughen up a bit, you probably want to wiggle it loose every now and then or give your fingers a break. Don’t let them turn purple and explodez blood vessels or anything. :wink:

But once you get used to it, it’s tough to go to a slippy, flippy-aroundy slipknot.


A finch knot is what I have been doing prior to discovering this trick. The finch knot works, but gets very tight and uncomfortable sometimes. The approach I posted has worked well for me for the last few days, and doesn’t apply near as much pressure on your throw hand index finger.

It definitely gets tight and uncomfortable sometimes. Especially if you’re in for a long session and you don’t remember to ease it up from time to time. :wink:

I’ll have to try this knot idea.

I just really like the title of the thread LOL. Just rolls of the tongue xD

I tried it, and I can’t figure out what the knot is meant to do. What you’re left with is still a slipknot, but it’s one with a knot in it! It doesn’t serve as a “stopper” for the main string segment because it still just slides through in a linear fashion, “beside” the knot as it were.

I feel like I must be doing something wrong. :smiley:

Same, I’ll just stick to twisting the slipknot. It works and it honestly doesn’t hurt with my callus haha xD

The knot just provides extra pressure on the string. Basically the string is squeezed between the knot and the side of the loop. This creates more friction and more pressure on the string.

It’s important that the knot be at the apex of the loop. If you look the string should end up sitting beside the knot. When you slide it on your finger, be sure you pull the loop tight. If you do it slowly, you can feel the knot kind of pop over each strand of the yoyo string. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see what I mean.

For me the knot may feel loose when I first put it on my finger, but after my first throw or 2 it’s nice and snug and stays that way throughout play. I’ve been trying this for the last week and have tried it on several different yoyos and different string types, and haven’t had any problems with the string sliding around on my finger.

Thanks for the picture, but it’s still not doing anything for me.

I had a feeling that the “pop” was supposed to happen and that friction would be created. Without that suspicion I wouldn’t have even tried.

However, when I do it, regardless of which side the “main string” is on (and it generally wants to be on one side or the other) it’s still just sliding along fine and the slipknot is still rotating around my finger threatening to fly off. I must still be missing an extra twist or something that’s not making itself evident to me.

What I do is I just untie the knot and then retie it. It takes a while but it’s better than chucking a good string.

Seriously, major thanks for this. My MarkMont Dragon strings are the bees knees for me and my preference, but my ONLY issue was slipping on or around my finger. I did not think this would work as I could not visualize just how it would work but low and behold, the issue is now cleared and I just wanted to express genuine and emphatic THANKS for this tip. It really helps!!
Big thumbs up. ;D

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good idea except wont that knot dig into your finger?

Honestly, if the strands of the string are pre-tied but there’s no pre-tied knot (like in Kitty), just open up the strands and use that as a slip knot to put string through.

(So basically it’s like untwisting string as you would do to put it around your yoyo, but from the other end so you can create a slip knot)

I would think that technique works on slippery string.