Yoyo string slipping around finger

Long story short the yoyo string in a slipknot around my finger moves around a lot.

So one week ago from today I started yo-yoing and that’s come with a fair share of whacks in the face but unwanted binds. Recently I just couldn’t get this blasted knot out of my string so I went and picked up a new yoyo (Yomega Crossfire) and it came with a spare string. I thought hey another yoyo to add to my collection and a string I needed. I tried out the yoyo and being that I’ve been using a metal one for the past week, it felt really light.I put it away and used the string from that yoyo on my metal drifter. It felt thinner and what not, the response is great and I feel like I land some more mounts with it than my previous string but the slipknot doesn’t seem to be tight enough and it kinda just spins around my finger every time I throw.

Any help tips

YOYO: Duncan Metal Drifter x Yomega Maverick

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I have this problem, too. I got sick of fiddling around and committed to a Finch’s Head Knot which is a modified slipknot.

I made a pretty bad video of it as well as one other strategy… I need to make a new one. But for what it’s worth, here it is:



Thanks man I unconsciously did the twisting thing with my other strings and didn’t really now it was a thing. Well actually it was just a random thing that occurred and I couldn’t really untwist it. But thanks for the help ;D

Update: Actually didn’t work still slips around :[

You know you can buy more string, right?

You need to try the finch head knot like Greg mentioned. It really does work.

The type of string doesn’t matter to me. Happens with regular poly, too. I need that knot now. Or the twists at bare minimum. Buying more doesn’t silve the root problem lwm.

Make sure that the “double” part of the string is facing your pinky finger and the “single” part of the string is facing your pointer finger, otherwise it will slip. Another benefit of this is you can remove the string from your finger only with your thumb.

Lol nah was referring to the OP who apparently bought a YoYo just because it came with an extra string.

I got the impression that a yoyo was purchased just for the string as well. Just in case, you should definitely buy bulk string vs a new yoyo each time.


Oh, haha! I missed that. !

Double looping it should help it helps me at times are your hands sweaty or small?

I forgot to mention that I did buy string lol, I figured yoyo + extra string for the time being would last me until the delivery came. >< I do apologize for the lack of detail LOL but I did buy the yoyo just for the string

Keep the loop on the outside part of your finger (facing your pinkie). It works for me.

^^ this helps to a certain extent. I didn’t even know this was the correct way until like 4 months ago! :smiley: I gave it a go and I still need the Finch Head knot to be happy.

Except when there’s a meetup of some sort and I fail to explain my “weird” knot to everyone who wants to use my throws… get them back in all kinds of weird configurations from people trying to use the slipknot as the start of a normal slipknot.

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Wait wait… I just Googled slip knot and realized that is not the “slip knot” I know…
The way I do it is to tie direct knot (not sure what it’s called) that looks like a slip knot but it doesn’t slip, making basically a locked hole. Put the string through the hole and now it can slide.
Everyone in here does this as far as I know.

Doesn’t happen for me…
But yea, the knot the others mentioned helps. I think it also helps for circulation in the finger. idk may have been another knot.