Advice on keeping string from flying off hand


Anyone familiar with your yoyo flying off your hand? Ive got a slipknot in it, I keep the single line toward my thumb and the double line outward. After about 5-10 minutes the string will slide around my finger itself. No matter how hard I choke it, it feels as though it has no grip to my finger itself. I hope I’m not the only one

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I made this post some time ago, offering options to reduce finger pain but these also may reduce slippage.


Turn the string around on your finger so it tightens as you pull the standing end towards your pinkie with your palm facing up.


Thanks for the advice guys. Much appreciated


There’s a knot called the finch head or finch’s head that you should check out. I tried to find an old post to link for you but I couldn’t find one and gave up after 45 seconds. (Someone find it and link it please because I can’t remember how to tie it :-\ )


Here’s the topic with the finch knot…
Stop your slip knot from slipping on slippery string

Here’s a couple more posts on the issue;

Where do you put the string around your finger?

For many more posts on the same google “finch’s head knot”
You will end up with mostly references to a print format page which does not have images. You can get to the normal post this way…
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Finch head is super easy. You just make the usual slip knot, and make a second slip knot through the loop of the first slip knot. Then tighten that first slip knot around the string.

I use the Finch for all of my nylon string, and any poly that is extra slippery.


This happens to me, too, even with proper string placement (double side toward pinkie). As Skirtz suggested, I find putting a bit of that self-stick bandage tape around my string finger really stops the slippage. I kind of wonder about putting a dab of something gummy on the finger end of the string itself, too–anyone tried this?