Avoid finger pain~the skitrz way

I often see threads regarding the finger pain caused by the string strangling the newcomers phalanges. I personally dislike tape and gloves, especially when new to yoyoing. It’s really such a bother to carry a glove and mess with tape not to mention the feel of the string.

I present to you the skitrz digit survival guide!

Method 1

  1. Run the string through the loop as you normally would, forming a nice slip knot.

  1. Make the slip knot a little larger than you normally would and twist it forming two circles.

  2. Fold one loop so that it rests on top of the other, giving you two loops to slide your finger through.

  3. Put your finger through the loops and tighten. This will give you two strands of string around the finger, covering a greater surface area.

Method 2

  1. The green string represents a normal loop on a yoyo string which can cause finger pain to the tender uncallused digit. Create a larger loop, much larger, as represented by the red/black string.

  2. Make your slip knot as usual. However, make certain that the loop is long enough to go completely around your finger with the knot exiting the loop towards the yo. The photo shown has been exaggerated in order to show the knot placement while on the finger. It is preferable to have the knot closer to finger.

As in method 1, this places more string completely around the finger, covering more surface area.

Note: This will effect your string length causing it to be shorter. Therefore, leave your string just a little long. After placing the yo on your hand, using either method, check for correct string length and adjust accordingly.

Yeah I know the pics aren’t so good but that’s because I don’t like taking pics. They’re just offered so you will feel better about your own camera skills. :kissing:

I hope this helps you find your way to painless throwing without needing tape and gloves.

If you find this helpful send me 1 dollar (kidding, just kidding) if not send complaints to jhb8426. (He loves drama!)

Healthy happy digits to you all!


Great thread! Thanks for sharing.

Awesome! I’m loving this even with my finch’s head knot that I normally use. You can still get an extra wrap around and it really does help distribute the pain.

I wish I could reward you properly, but all I have is an internet. Still, it’s all yours!

GregP I accept yoyo’s as thank yous! ::slight_smile:

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Wow, it does feel better, even though I already have calluses. Thanks a lot! ;D

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I’m glad it works for you.

Both methods basically, work the same way that tape would. The tape just spreads out the weight and force of the thrown yoyo over a wider surface area, as the extra loop of string does. (Well at least that’s how I envision it.) When working with newer yoyoers I usually set up their string using method 2 as the knot doesn’t touch the skin. I think it’s even more comfortable than method 1.

I gota’ remember this for when I am teaching people. thanks bud.
on a side note I just use a counterweight and don’t tie the yoyo to my finger. :slight_smile: Not sure people would find it very handy.
This is another helpful tip from skitrz! The girls don’t find you handsome they will sure find you handy. :slight_smile:

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That made me lul

Great methods bro, I’ll be sure to tell that to new throwers from now on.(and give you credit :wink: )

As a bonus, people who play their strings just a hair too long… teach them method 1 and watch their combos suddenly become crisp!

Hmmm…someone edited my thread and placed jhb8426’s name there instead of his own! Yeah more drama…Who could have done that? ::slight_smile:

Somebody sure does make a lot of noise for a “lurker.” ::slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing the technique for folks to try.

That’s “noisy lurker,” bud! ~skitrz 8)

Bump for our newer friends and in answer to a few inquiries. :wink:

Method 3: Build a callus and tough it out.

I had a roll of finger wrap when I started. I would play until it hurt too bad and then would apply the wrap and continue. Repeat the next day, and the next, until one day you find that you never need the wrap! Takes a couple weeks.

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