Stiffer strings - how to stay tight on finger?


Got some Toxic Strings, and I’m really enjoying the relative stiffness and slickness of them. However, I find the slipknot coming loose fairly often, which interferes with my confidence in portions of tricks I’m trying to learn.

Does anybody have a secret recipe for getting these (or similar) strings to “stay put” on the finger?


Well to keep a knot you could melt the knot by slightly burning it under a lighter.


Just move the knot back a fourth till its a little flimsier.
I had a slip knot come undone while I was yoyoing over concrete…


The exact same thing happens to me and it’s annoying when the string actually falls off of your finger. So far I have no solution, but if you tie the first knot with a smaller loop on a brand new string, it should stay on a little better than if there is a big loop.


Roll it.


Got that trick from toxic themselves. Works great. Roll the loop on to your finger and let it twist on the backside.


Make a double slip knot. To do this make a normalmslip know. Then with that loop make anothernslipknot by grabbing through the loop to get the string.vthis will make a really tight loop around yourmfinger

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With slippery string you can use spray adhesive (from the craft store) just on the loop. Let it dry, and no more slipping around your finger.


Wow, awesome replies. I’mma try a few of those out. I’ll try to remember to report back which one I preferred. Thanks, all.


Try the larks head knot. You make your slip knot, make another, then cinch the first knot down onto the string. Look up larks head knot on Youtube if you are confused


I usually just tie a standard slip knot for slick strings instead of tying a fixed loop and pulling the string through it. There’s more friction on the string because the knot’s actually cinched down around it, which is annoying with old fuzzy strings but great for stiff, slick ones. All those solutions will probably work (and of course it’s all up to preference), but I like mine for its simplicity


Make it a little longer and wrap it twice around your fingerWorks for me…


The lark’s head tutorials weren’t too obvious when it came to starting off with an existing loop; however, it turns out to be more or less like the slipknot-into-a-slipknot that a few other people mentioned. And it works great!

The twisting also worked great. Didn’t try out the spray adhesive since these two already worked, but appreciate the idea.