Two ways to keep slick strings on your finger (video)


I’ve been asked a few times about a knot I mention from time to time and whether I could make a video. Well, here’s a video. :wink: I can’t take any credit at all; when I first started yoyoing, other YYE members taught me these; unfortunately so much time has gone by (and the YYE forum search function is so wacky) that I can’t recall who to credit.

I use the first one (just twisting the loop of the slipknot) for anything that’s somewhat rough in texture. It gives enough friction to keep’er on your finger.

I use the second one for almost everything else, or even if a rough string keeps loosening on me. I don’t know what it is, but I guess with practically zero moisture in the skin of my hands, I don’t have enough friction to EVER use a normal slipknot. Even cotton strings for fixed axle play require the loop twist for me. So weird.

(side note: I know the running… ‘title’ alongside the instructions didn’t work the way it was intended to work… but it’s good enough for rock and roll!)


Good tutorial…


bumping this because it is awesome. the second knot was exactly what I needed to keep it from slipping around my glove. Thanks GregP. :smiley: