Where are all the Deep States?

Hi everyone! New member here. Just created an account after lurking for a while, learned a lot so far. Fun hobby that I’m just getting into again after a long break. Is it often difficult to find good throws? I’d LOVE to find a Deep State! Or something similar that’s responsive. Any suggestions? I have the money, just can’t find anything. How do you guys search?


honestly you just have to be consistent, keep trying qnd asking. most people want new throws or realize its just sitting not being played


Seen a few deeper states available recently.
You have fine taste my friend. It’s a legendary yo-yo.
Have you tried a BST wanted post.
Pop over to the selling category and drop a post in there.
Such a great community here I would hope u would get some potential leads
Hopefully you find one, good luck dude :+1::+1:

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Thanks for joining our community, and welcome!

I’m thinking the Day Tripper is going to be a good bet. Probably won’t be quite as good at 1a as the Deep State, but should be a nice slim responsive.

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Great yoyo! I was in your exact shoes June of last year. New guy, just starting out, looking and searching for what to buy. You quickly realize that everything is SOLD OUT.

Don’t panic as I did and buy up everything you find when you find it.

“Yoyo Drops” (new supply from mfg’s) happen more often than I originally thought. Manufactures re-release stuff so its a bit a of a waiting game for new stuff. The BST (buy sell trade) is your best best for a specific throw now. There are a bunch of BST’s out there.

I have both the deep state and deeper state (both relatively recent drops). I tend to play the deep state more. A comparable throw would be Alley Cat 650B but that also difficult to find and a drop happened not to long ago.

Stuff comes back around, it just takes time.

Let me know how you make out. I might be willing to let go of my Deeper State in RED if you think you’d like to try it.

Welcome to the community! What part of the world do you call home?

EDIT: I also have the Weekender… also very good but a bit different than DS.


Alley Cat 650B and Weekender are both good alternatives if you can find one. I have been looking for a Deeper State with no luck. The hardest to find is probably the First Base. A great budget responsive. It sales out quick.

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Seems like a great group here. I’m glad to be a part of it. I grew up in Ohio and Alaska, now here in Switzerland the last ten years. Nice living in the Alps. Been missing throwing so I’m glad to be a part of this community. Great info and good people.

Thanks for the suggestions so far. I like that the Deep State is nice and light, from what I see. Heck, I’d even pay really good money for one of I can find one. I’ve been rocking a basic Magicyoyo V6 Locus so far. It’s ok, a bit heavy for its movement and thick for the pocket.


available now directly from one drop - deeper state

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I would snag a Deep State if OD considers to make those again.


Anyone know when the last drop was from them? Do they still make new ones here and there?

According to their ig, last run was October of 2020…and that was not the first run either.

I’d be willing to bet another run is coming!


The latest drop of Deeper States happened last Wednesday (4/7/2021)

I was really surprised at how fast that last drop went! Although, there seems to be a few Broken Heart colorways left (which I might just embrace and grab one myself).

Yeah, still some left on One Drop store as knottyknight mentioned. Although idk if you are ok with Broken Heart colorways. Deeper state is a revision of the deep state, and at least imo it’s probably better to just get a deeper state if you have a chance.

I am going to be selling a shadowkat deeper state

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My Saturday Market from that drop arrived yesterday here in Switzerland already actually. It’s rad.
I couldn’t resist even though I picked up a very lightly used one from @Shwa. Such nice pieces.

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I def regret trading my Deep State awhile back and would love to cop another. I have a Deeper State which is great but they are definitely different throws.

Love the diversity of slimlines and semi-responsives out there. Reminds me of mid 00’s when we were just starting to understand how to make a solid unresponsive metal.


Excited I was able to snag a deeper state on the drop last week but I’ve never had an original Deep State so like Ed mentioned they’re both great but I can imagine slightly different in a way


Has anyone put a half spec bearing in a deep state?

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I’ve tried, its to slim, you need shims because the Side Effects bottom out.