Where are all the Deep States?

You can modify a set of side effects to make it work. Saw someone post about it here, but can recall who.

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Mine went to a concert over the weekend.


I run a half spec with shims in my deeper state. I found that the half spec by itself was to responsive. It snag on a trapeze. But with the shims it was perfect for stalls.


Going to give this a try, I have some shims that I could use. Did the half-spec make it respond faster? I don’t really have a problem with the response being unreliable, but it is kinda slow with a greased up full c.

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Yes. That was the same issue I was having and it fixed that.

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Awesome! Just out of curiosity, which shims do you use? I have the Dif e yo thin shims.

Dif-E-Yo Shims – YoYoExpert

Who did you see???

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Not sure. It’s a set of bronze colored shims that had been inside of an old dark magic for 15 years.

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A coworker invited me to go see Eric Prydz for his birthday.

I just got my deep state yesterday and I immediately greased up the bearing with dielectric grease and the stalls are perfect, response is great, and it can even get through a few 1a tricks without running out of steam. Its not as responsive as my daytripper or even my respawn but it does 1a tricks way better than those other two. Im finding that the deep state is kind of supposed to be a mix of 0a and 1a, and I’m having a lot of fun throwing it around. Let me know how it is with shims compared to a greased up full c, I might want to try it! :slight_smile:


Super glad you’re having a great experience! Yours basically matches up with mine 100%. I really love the way the Deep State plays, I even hit my first clean Shoot the Moon/Lunar Landing on the Deep State lol.

Sadly the shims I have were too thin (Dif-E-Yo Thin Shims). Whenever I have more than $5 in my cart I’m going to pick up a set of the Thick shims and give it a shot. I did some basic math and it looks like even with the thick shims and a slim bearing the gap will be about 2.1mm, not sure if thats going to be too tight but I kinda wanna try.

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Thanks for the insight.

I also run badwolfeco slicc string in both the DT and the DS which I think adds to the responsiveness, due to it being so thick and plushy :slight_smile:

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I currently use YYSL Ammo on my responsive throws (DT, DS, WKDNR). Its also super thick and soft, feels great in these throws.

Nice I have a few tubes of ammo laying around somewhere still. I’ll have to try that out!

Took my Deep State to Disneyland last week. Was a blast working on varials, shoot the moons, lunar landings, and double plus regens at the happiest place on earth.


Mine are hanging with their new friend, The Daytripper.



I play my DT and DS more than any other yoyos in my collection. Hope you enjoy your Day Tripper!



I know I kinda hijacked this thread, it was originally intended to be used to locate one for sale, but I’m so glad this is turning into a more literal interpretation on “Where are all the Deep States?” lol. Lets keep it going, post the cool places you’ve taken your Deep State lol


I started the thread and I like where it’s going way better than it was originally intended.