What's your worst injury from yoyoing?

That’s how mine hit me in the face as well.

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I suffered countless psychological injuries from missed binds.
It’s beyond repair.


This is a fundamental rule! The knots must be untied as soon as they form, whether they are in the bearing or along the string, or at most the string must be changed.
Never play with a knotten string , ever.
I have known more than one person to break an incisor because of this … and they are pains, in the true sense of the word


Had my first love tell me it was silly.


Very true, definitely a rookie mistake

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these things happen, and they also happen to experienced people, the two people I met who hurt their teeth (one chipped, the other just cadudo to be replaced with an implant) were both expert players (one a professional, for a few years he played for the Brokenyoyo team) and of long standing.
Unfortunately, carelessness, or the moment you don’t even realize you have tied a knot happens to everyone and in moments you least expect (when maybe you are relaxed and are doing some quiet tricks while talking to your friends) … but it is It is always useful to keep in mind that knots on the string are one of the greatest dangers of incurring an injury :wink:


Ah, the high of nailing the hardest parts of your combo just to fail on the “that was cool, right?” moment. That feeling afterwards is misery.

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This is gonna be the silly reply in the thread, but it’s true, lol>

I woke up on a Saturday(a few years back) and I had been dreaming about this new yo-yo I received in the mail the night before.

I had thrown it for a few minutes right before going to bed and I forgot it rolled up the string ‘funny’ on the last throw. So I put it on the bookshelf and figured I would deal with it in the morning.

So… as soon as I got up, I went straight to the bookshelf and grabbed the yo-yo. I put the string on my finger and got ready to launch the yo-yo for an immortal combo(like in dreams) lol.

I heard some people coming up the 15 steps to the top of my porch. Oh damn/relatives🙀.

What to do? I was only wearing workout bottoms and figured I would run into the bedroom and grab a shirt so I wouldn’t look like Tarzan answering the door.

But first(they can wait a minute, right?) I was compelled to fire down one time and see what I could get outta this sucker.

I forgot about the bad bind/possible string lock. When I powered down the yo-yo it immediately locked about halfway down and came up INSTANTLY! > and hit me EXACTLY where you never want to get hit… right in the crotch vicinity!

I could have sworn I was literally looking into the next dimension. If I would have died right there and been reincarnated, I would have been born dizzy. I thought to myself, ‘Well, this is a new kinda pain’.

Then the doorbell started ringing, ‘wake up sleepy head… Surprise, we brought the whole crew to visit’.

…I grabbed a shirt and answered the door. They thought I looked a little ‘tense’. I told them, ‘No problem. I just finished adjusting some hardware downstairs and wasn’t real happy with the results’/ lol

Talk about perfectly bad timing.

Lesson learned, regardless. Never just pick up a yo-yo and throw it down HARD. Always let it roll down the string. Or do a soft Matador start to make sure there isn’t a string lock waiting to punish you.


This is a great lesson to be learned lol

This seems to be a pretty common mistake with many people (especially on video) they throw the breakaway and BANG there goes the memory loss lol :joy:


I feel your pain that is a crazy story and yeah talk about bad timing oh man :joy: lesson learned for all of us yoyoers.
P.S. can you tell me what you saw in the next dimension :sweat_smile: jk :grin:


Yes…. Jimi Hendrix was handing me a signed Fender Strat and a $500 gift certificate for Lucille’s BBQ. And he told me, Now, you have been Experienced’.


Hahaha :joy: well at least it wasn’t so bad in that dimension :sweat_smile:

5a adventures! The counterweight hit this fixture in my kitchen. A piece cut my arm, but nothing too bad. Wife is angry. Help.