What is your biggest yoyo pet peeve?

It might not improve your skill, but having more and more expensive yoyos does make you a better person. That’s just science.


For sure, there’s no way to see if MFD yoyos hold up when deciding to buy them since they disappear in seconds, which just makes yoyos more similar to hype stuff, since hype brands like Supreme also have their drops sold in seconds. If I want a yoyo like that, I’ll just buy it on the drop day, since missing out would mean a difficult search for the yoyo on the BST.

That’s great! Most people actually view the Orbital GTX quite favourably, they just prefer the similarly priced Grasshopper GTX.


8mm axles. The tiny buggers drive me nuts and seem to go flying every time I unscrew a yoyo that uses one.


Hmm I think my biggest yoyo peeve is capitalism :stuck_out_tongue:

The music in like 90% of yoyo videos. i know this is an opinion thing but dang some of the music seems like such an after thought. or its an EDM song that doesn’t go with the visuals of the video



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