YoYoing Pet Peeves

Hey all!

So there’s the question! Whats your yoyoing pet peeve?

Mine has to be when I see a yoyoer doing their thing, and I see that the string is tailored to them in length, and they haven’t cut off the extra string and loop hanging from their finger. >:( oooo it bugs the day lights out of me.

So whats yours? remember, keep it civil!


~Chris Severson

People REFUSING to try out a yoyo just because it’s made by a certain company!

Pet peeves regarding yoyoing? You gotta be kidding!


people making more unneccesary threads about yoyo pet peeves.


when someone lets me try out their throw and they use string that’s shorter than what I’m used to.

Poor shipping from b/s/t customers.

When you go a bind and somehow an extra loop of string gets whipped into the gap and youve got a knot.

The idiots on the BST, not all of them are but there are some that just make you go,

Yeah, that kind of bugs me. I’m actually doing this myself on my Speeder 2 as I’m not sure if I like actually having the string fit me and I don’t want to waste a string if I don’t like “proper length”. I’m probably going to untie it today if I choose to bring it with me for my 4-day endurance challenge of doing sound production for SacAnime.

When kids use their mouths to undo a Slipknot or to untie a knot, then hand me the yoyo to try complete with saliva-soaked string…even worse if it’s my string…gross!

Seeing short people use really long strings.
It looks like they’re trying to high five someone when they throw

My wife has to use my 7-year-old’s yoyo, The string length isn’t too bad.

I know what you mean. Seeing all these 6th grade and under kids struggling because they don’t know they should cut the string to length.

I use pretty long strings so I’m told. I use them about 4-6" too long

yoyoing is an escape for me, I don’t hate a single thing about it.



Those tricks that if you mess up you’re either stuck with a knot or you get a big yoyo jam (pun intended)

Worse yet, they shorten the string up from what they normally use. I bought a couple of yoyos from a local guy awhile back. When we met I asked to try them out. The first thing he does is shorten the string about 3-4 inches. And I’m about a foot taller than this kid.

My only “pet peeves” that come to mind are when the yoyo has a heavy thud at the bottom of the string and loose binds. I’m very particular about how I like my yoyos to feel. I like a smooth continuous unraveling of string all the way to the end on a throw and I like my binds snappy and tight. I’ll often spend a lot of time tweaking my yoyos’ setups to meet these standards in various ways and if it can’t be achieved they either sit on the shelf or go up on the bst.

Forgot one…forgetting that the yoyo in my pocket played an hour prior to pulling it out again has a tangle inside. I go to give a nice throw only for the yoyo to leave my hand about a foot before yanking my finger and swooping back up to give me a chin uppercut…now imagine that with a 70gram RecRev!

when i do plastic whip and i get a knot im a lefty… >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(

hate plastic whip