What Are your Pet Peeves

I have some pet peeves about my yoyo’s, some may seem unreasonable but I’m just looking out for what belongs to me. Yet It still feels like OCD, so i thought I’d post this, and see some of the pet peeves we might be shareing, well here’s mine;

whenever I put away a yoyo I always gotta tuck the string in
I always yoyo with clean hands (well except for the protostar)
I’ll never pocket my yoyos, (not even the ministar out of fear of bending the axle)
before I put down a yoyo I give a soft bind so the string isnt being stressed while its inactive
I never set them down on a hard surface to reduce the chance of abrasions
“Is That a Finger Print!!!”
I like to match yoyo strings to each yoyo ::slight_smile:
Noners don’t touch my yoyos without the ‘Briefing’ which goes like this “dont walk the dog”

theres probably more but those are the only ones I can think of

For me, this is what I do:
1)I always yoyo with gloves
2)I test the yoyo for vibe often when I am playing, even when I never even dinged it.
3)Nobody else touches my yoyos except for me.
4)Every time I set my yoyos on a fard surface, I make sure that I make no sound, to make sure that the yoyo is not damaged in any way.
5)I always wipe my yoyos with a cloth every now and then.

Those aren’t pet peeves. Pet peeves are things that happen that really annoy you. Like, for instance, when someone says, “Wow, you must really have a lot of time on your hands.” Or when reporters include the phrase “ups and downs” in articles related to yoyos.


Yo, I’m Steve Brown, and scratching yoyos is OK because I got lots of expensive yoyos that 10’year old kids will probably spend months saving up to. I can just get new ones anyways so go scratch your yoyos kids.

The only loading screen line I remember from Guitar Hero 1 is “Don’t smash your equipment unless you can afford to replace it”.

…because superficial scratches hurt your yoyos so much.

Steve Brown being arrogant on the internet has nothing to do with me scrathing my yoyos.

Valid and relevant points have nothing to do with you posting in this thread.

Smashing up a yoyo so that it’s actually unplayable is not even remotely what we’re talking about here. If scratching the coating of your yoyo is cause to replace it, you shouldn’t have a metal yoyo.

people who say pet peeve jk :wink:

  1. Dings >.> I Hate them.
  2. Color of my string xD

People who just needlessly destroy their yoyos. Accidental dings… that’s okay. But… throwing your yoyos on the ground on purpose??? If you had a car, would you take a knife and start cutting the paint up, take a hammer and start denting it??? After you’re done, it’ll probably work properly anyways right? But you wouldn’t, because you only have one car. I’ve been yoyoing for 2 years, and I only have 3 metals. AND SOMEHOW… I only accumulated 3 dings TOTAL. Not counting my Dark Magic. I play the yoyos to the fullest, do everything right… and still only 3 dings in 2 years. And do I go… HEY WAIT… I don’t have enough dings. Maybe I should make my yoyos into a wind chime??? NO I DON’T!
(End Rant) (True Pet Peeve though)

Other People:
These are less severe.
$100 for a YOYO??? ARE U CRAZY? (Until I reminded them their shoes cost that much, and so does a textbook… and a lot of other things. And “Normal Hobbies” cost just as much. Shoes for sports (Basketball, soccer) football pads…
“Wow… you fail” (That’s just disrespectful… that’s like me saying OMG You fail cuz you play football!)
“Anyone can do those tricks” Mmhm… let’s see you try.
“Can I throw your yoyo?” Followed by “WHY NOT? It’s only $100…” (I have let some people try it… over carpets/grass… but some people… especially when they go up to you and they say “You fail. Now let me try.”)

And string that doesn’t match the yoyo.

Haha, woops, well, I used the wrong word to discribe what I ment, but I hate finger prints, a spent string and other things I’m sure we can all agree on, I guess that list I made is what my pet peeves drive me to do, but I like the direction this is going.

I only really have one particular one for people that don’t ask or people taking my yo-yo just to be a jerk and then using it without my permission. THEN they usually end up accidentally slamming it into the ground throwing it wrong or dinging it on a desk or something. I’d like to see what they would do if I took their iPod and deleted everything on it or dropped it on the ground… Yeah.

I can’t stand pink string it looks so dumb

People that use the wrong word to… ;D