What is your biggest yoyo pet peeve?

Actually, I prefer they be kept up as some sort of historical reference. But to post a fresh BST listing with an item that was already sold elsewhere is a little odd.


Yoyo videos saying… “I’m not sure I can pull this off”, but you know deep down they wouldn’t of posted it if they didn’t pull it off! Ugh!!!


Revolutionary descriptions attached to the release of almost every new yoyo. " We tried to push the boundaries to a new extreme, this is both lighter and heavier at the same time, more stable than a table , more power than a train, this is the best thing that has ever happened, not just in yoyo but in general" … 3 months later " new release, the last one wasnt powerfull or stable enough and it wasnt fun, this one has more focus on power and stablility, its the past, the present, the future" etc etc

I want a description along the lines of “designing yoyos is our hobby, we just designed a new one and hope you enjoy it, dont worry if you dont we will have a new release in a few months anyhow regardless if this is an absolute GOAT”


Should say: We think this yoyo is great but in a few months we will release a yoyo that is even better and the yoyo after that will blow away that yoyo and the one we put out before that. In fact, just save up your money because in five years we will release a yoyo that will make you wonder why you ever purchased any of our other yoyos. But seriously, I think these companies are always just trying to keep improving and get more innovative. It’s rare to see anyone totally trashing many yoyos these days.


Innovation is nice if they can achieve it, but the bottom line is that companies, especially the larger ones, have to pump out new models regardless of innovation just to keep a positive cash flow on the books and keep the company solvent. They’ll hype up every new release however they have to in order to get people to buy their products, because that allows them to keep the lights on and people employed for a little longer.


Maybe a little off-topic but something that annoys me:
Kids who are whining on social media because they have no money and can’t buy yo-yo stuff. You think about sending them a package, then you find out they spend 200 bucks a month on online games.


yeah the act of getting on social media and begging for money seems to be the go to for a lot of kids these days… my parents would have killed me if i did that lol. i see it a lot in the gaming communities


i dont think its that deep. we all know they can do it… that content is for kids and non throwers


Not defending kids that somehow have 200 a month for games but It’s a lot harder to spend money on a niche hobby none of your friends are into compared to an online video game all your friends are playing. I started yoyoing at 10 years old and now at 25 I have met 1 friend in my area that yo-yoed seriously for 2 years max.


I told the 1 or 2 kids looking up from thier phones in the mall that asked how i do those tricks and why i am still playing around with yoyos after 30+ years: yoyo is something you should love, because it is most likely not going to come with a payday, or rewards. even if you are persistent, and find happiness in learning and creating more tricks, and are amazing at creating “content.” Because the world audience that actually cares alot about yoyos is very, very small. I haven’t learned DNA yet but they all saw a video, and I never see any kids throwing it out in the real world.


People do that even here? Geez, I hope it’s not many. :persevere:


Aaahhh I have an idea for this if you’re up for it I honestly don’t know a whole lot about the more expensive yo-yos and if this might hurt those kinds of yo-yos, but I’ma go for it anyway!! IMO the worst that could happen is that you say it won’t work for your yo-yo :slight_smile:

I use this to keep my yo-yo on me b/c I didn’t wanna keep it in a pouch or bag, and at the same time didn’t want it to fall out of my pockets.

It’s just some paracord a drawstring thingie and a carabiner :smiley:


Oh oh I’m planning on learning that trick on my responsive barring.

If I’m being honest I legit want to learn everything I can befor I switch it out for my unresponsive one. Only because I know if I can do it with a responsive then the opposite is gonna be a breeze and I’ll only have to work my butt off with binds then have all my other tricks I can play with before I move on to more intense stuff.
I know its probably not the norm, but I never have claimed to be normal. :wink:


You are wise beyond your years. Look at players like Markmont, Eric Koloski, Steve Brown, André Boulay…they all learned on responsive or semi-responsive and they just have a level of “smooth”. There is no right or wrong way to learn, but, responsive does build in immediate feedback.


Doing a bind, just to have it slip over and over, finally having to just wind it up, throwing again and binding for a clean throw, just to find out it snagged

Happens rarely, but when it does happen I tend to just put the yoyo down and do something else for a while lol


Oh God that’s why I only had my unresponsive barring on for like…a single night. I was beginning to understand how to bind. While my brain understood what needes to happen, that doesn’t mean my hands did. :face_exhaling:

Plus b/c of the size difference in barring size having the yo-yo ride the string to wind it back up didn’t really work…After hitting myself in the head/face one to many times while I tried to do the whole spinny fling winding trick…I decided I wanted my responsive barring back in like an hour :laughing:

The act of throwing and calling my yo-yo back into my hand is super comforting and cathartic, so I’m not in a huge rush to switch just yet.

@French Thank you!!! I’ll look into those guys for sure!! :smiley:


I made a bunch of these over the weekend to give to students that have bought yoyos. Serves the same purpose, just a bit fancier. I got a MagicYoyo holster somehow but it swung around to much for my liking, these are much more stable.


Nice holsters!

Is there a video on making these?

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Those aren’t holsters, but nice try.
Yet another of my peeves!


For André, just check out the tutorials on YoYoExpert