What are you doing today?

Day 2 of Japanfest. It’s a convention for Japanese culture and weeb stuff, but they also have a kendama usa booth which is really neat. Some of the people there even play yoyo lol. It’s a bit weird tho. Kendama usa is here but where is sOMETHING and YYR??


Both kids went backpacking with me overnight. We just went for a couple of miles, but they did great and had a blast. The seven year old loved waking up with the moon overhead to watch the sun come all the way up. We all can’t wait to go again.


Being sick.

Update: still sick, a family member gave me some painkillers so imma be a bit out of it today

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/brings Durf-Durfs a big bowl of hot delicious homemade chicken noodle soup

And by hot delicious and homemade, I mean a can of the cheap stuff nuke warm straight from the microwave…
But hey! It’s the thought that counts right?!!

Hope it’s one of those 24 hour things and that you’re feeling better by tomorrow man.

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Long post incoming-

Not only today, but the past week.

I started a small bike building/making project to pass time. Originally I was going to build one later as a graded project in school, but we have so much free time right now so why not try to make one now? As a prototype for the actual project if nothing else.

For starts I had to find a donor bike for parts/frame/things and, lucky me, a recycling center 5 minutes from school had a kids bike with 3 speeds and in pretty ok condition for 20€.

And I disassembled it

The bike I want to do is a Python recumbent, which is a low riding, center pivot, front wheel drive weirdo thing. This site has lots info about the model if you’re interested, with pictures and sciencey stuff explaining just why.

So far I’ve got to the point where the next step is welding the frame together and making a front fork.

Here’s the unwelded body with a duct tape mockup of the front fork
Real simple monoboom where it’s very apparent what I’ve used from the old bike.

And, what I did today, the front fork pieces (pic of only one as I was in a hurry to leave today)

If people are interested in this and the future project where I have to make the whole frame without a donor bike (as per teachers demands, though I can use a donor for the hardware, just not pipes), I could make a thread dedicated to it?


I’m 100% interested in it. A great place for the build updates might be in our newly created “Two Wheels” thread here:

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I’m in an all-day client meeting holding in the gas I’ve had since lunch.


I will be sitting at my desk playing the Marios on my Switch and trolling these forums because I do not have any work to do for a change.


That’s real cool. I’ll go check it out. Thanks!


Just paid off my car


homework :frowning:


ok, this was a great read. Didn’t realize the specific challenges with recumbent bikes.


I did that a few months ago. Feels great! More yoyo money!


Yeah it’s been a big week. Paid off my car and worked the final day of my second job (which basically functioned as the money for my monthly car payment).

Now I’m just deciding what color polished Wide Angle to get first out of the three I don’t have, red blue or green. @twitch77 doesn’t get a vote.


The red one is the spiciest IMO


I’m so ocd I made a list tracking how many of each color are available at each online US retailer and the total overall. I’m worried that either they won’t be restocked again in the polished version or that they will be replaced by the new heavier production model that they will probably begin phasing in soon. Which is a great yo-yo and the increase in spin time is noticeable but doesn’t feel the exact same. It’s close but definitely different.


Overwatch Grand Finals in Philly


I’m at the Deerfield Fair with my family. Check out this ride.


So what style does the motion of this ride most resemble?


As the ride spins the arms go up and down.

2A maybe?