What are you currently listening to?


Depends on the era really, personally I enjoy their live stuff most from the 60s up until the end of the 70s after that there is very little that does anything for me at all. '72 and '77 are probably my two favourite years

({John15}) #42

Legendary, no doubt


But then I love the jazzier and even more intricately far out they went in 73 and 74, then sometimes I just love their wild ramshackle freighttrain like pure acid rock of their late 60s stuff. Far out man!


PS. They’re really not that big or popular over here

({John15}) #45

Over where…?


I live in the UK

(Gethin) #47

Right now I’m throwing my big boy and listening to Ting and Beach House!

({John15}) #48

beach house! :heart:

(Gethin) #49

They’re so good! I’m listening to depression cherry rn!


Been listening to each best of the year since 2005 and it rarely disappoints.

(Christopher Dougherty) #54

(ChrisFrancz) #55

I’d rather hear just your guitar playing. Covers with the original track also playing confuse me.


Not even joking this is my favorite song…


No this is your favorite song

(Justin Thompson) #58



Opeth - Ghost Reveries


Arena - The Visitor

(Mk1 Yoyos) #61

I really love opeth! Ghost reveries is really… Haunting

(Choncworth) #62

({John15}) #63

Pink Floyd- Meddle :v: