The What're You Listening To Thread...

I’ve realized that YYE doesn’t have this type of thread. Just post what song or band or soundtrack or whatever you are currently listening to on here. No hate please. you can post a video or link too, if you like. Have fun!

Kings of Nuthin’ - “Quick Fix”

background noises. The fan… return air…

Maybe I’ll actually listen to some music in a bit.

I’m playing Christmas canon rock by trans Siberian orchestra in my head cuz I can’t listen to music in school :frowning:

Deadmau5,Daft Punk,Justice, and Ratatat. I love Electronica.

Luke vibert and all of his other “names” such as wagon christ, Plug ect.

wait, are you making fun of me?

arent you OUT of school? hmm. sounds fishy

And now Dubstep. Skrillex yay!

Maybe we live in differant time zones but that was like 12 my time

I’m always making fun of you 1slave25 CarlG.

Nope, thaT was for realiziez

Anti-Flag - “Stars And Stripes”

For anyone interested, this is a great anti-racism song with an awesome bassline


Just finished listening to the album “Tomorrow, In a Year” by The Knife, Mt. Sims, and PlanningtoRock for the bazillionth time

Holy crap.

Heh heh, i’m glad you asked…

Is there anything more beastly than a man wearing a japanese hat playing mortal kombat-esque song on an acoustic with sweet delay settings?.. no, I thought not.

huh. i seriously thought you were done with school. i still have a view days left

The Ramones - “I Just Wanna Have Somethin To Do”

umm…Dubstep?  :stuck_out_tongue:

^I can not tell you how much i love Rise Against!!!

lately i have been listening to Skrillex

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