What is your guys favorite dubstep to throw to?

Knife Party is the only dubstep I’ll listen to.

Older dubstep, like Skream for me. Love his song, Filth. Fun Stuff.

CMA Chillstep

Yeah!!! That’s some good stuff :smiley:

I like Flux Pavilion-their mixes and tweaks of other songs.

Liquid Stranger has some hard stuff. Excision. Downlink. Some of it is too fast to throw to, but who said I need to throw to the beat? :wink:

Bass Cannon-Flux Pavilion
Buzz Light Year-Ry Legit
Centipede-Knife Party

Feed Me. He has a good amount of variety between his songs; nothing feels the same.

Listen to real stuff.

This song is awesome to yoyo fast to.

Here’s a nicer version for those with wimpy ears.

I never said I didn’t like korn :)  I listen to all sorts of music…just not new rap and new dubstep.  I’m trying to get a routine to go with dethklok’s thunderhorse.  Great gallops like murmaider, but more variation.

Anything by: oxylice, megaclown, Devin Martin, skream, knife party, skrillex, liquid stranger, BAASIK, doctor p, flux pavilion, the glitch mob, deadmau5, boyinaband, halo nova (unicorn swag!), and more.
I’m a decently heavy electronica listener. :slight_smile:

whenever i see this dubstep stuff i always wonder, has any of the dubstep fans actually heard some real DUB ?

ask yourself, have you?

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cookie monsta.

The vast majority of what’s listed here has nothing to do with dubstep.

And Cookie Monsta is NOT dub.

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Caspa anyone?



Feed Me


Zeds Dead


The term dubstep is thrown around verrrry loosely. Its confused with many other electronica genres

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Buddy, you listed Skrillex earlier. That’s about as far away from the right idea as you can get.

Mind enlightening us all as to what real Dupstep is?

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