do you like dubstep?

dubstep is awesome!!

i like techno so yah i suppose i like “dubstep”

Some people say dubstep is the worst garbage ever. But I don’t really see whats so bad about it. It sounds cool and makes good yoyo videos 8)

I like when they make a full song not a cruddy tune with a huge drop. But if done right I enjoy it.

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I enjoy techno and i like dubstep but i dont think dubstep is a genre all on its own. its still techno but a subgenre like house music.

too true!!


I like dubstep remixes over just standard dubstep songs…

No, I hate dubstep. With a Passion


Techno = yes

trash Dubstep = no

There is a huge difference.
Metal rules!!!

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I like Skrillex. I haven’t heard any other dubstep that I enjoyed.

I like some electro, but not enough to know artist names. I like Daft Punk to an extent (which isn’t dubstep, but anyway.)

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I like Zeds Dead.

Here a pretty cool remix he did for Skrillex.

Daft punk is where its at.

I like Skrillex. I haven’t heard any other dubstep that I enjoyed.
Go skrillex!

ITT: people who don’t know what techno is

Daft Punk’s where it all started with me.

After that I started getting into more Electronica. Later I got into D’n’B and then Dubstep.

If you want to find some Electronica I suggest looking into some of these guys.




The Bloody Beetroots


Wolfgang Gartner

The Chemical Brothers



In the way of Dubstep I suggest most stuff by these artist.


Zeds Dead

Doctor P

Flux Pavilion

Mt Eden


YES!! i so needed that list of electronica!

I would like to say something.
Dubstep, techno, trance, and Electro are not the same. Electro is “smoother” than dubstep. Let me explain. Dubstep is sorta like riding a rollercoaster. The higher you get, the more tense you are. Then when you are at the top, the tension is relieved by going downhill. Dubstep is pretty much the same. The tension rises as the music progresses, then comes the drop. Electro music does not have the drop and is not really a tension builder. Techno is smooth the entire time. Electro has it’s “moments”. Trance is a lot faster than dubstep. If you listen to any of these genres, you should easily tell the difference. I just wanna say the difference because people keep claiming that they are the same.

Dubstep and hardcore/hardstyle electronic is awesome. Especially Ephixa.

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The only electronic music that has ever passed as actual “music” for me is Digital Hardcore. Why you ask? Cause it actually has bands. like The Prodigy and Atari Teenage Riot. They are BANDS with actual member, direction, and vocals. It’s pretty much Hardcore Punk with keyboards