So... let's talk dubstep at contests.

Personally, I’m think it’s getting a bit old and overused. I understand it makes it easy to throw to the song, with obvious beats and tempos to even the deaf of hearing. But I’d much rather sit through a performance that isn’t so computerized. Just my thoughts.

But… but… dubstep’s cool :’(

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I can’t stand dubstep to yoyos! Otherwise I think it’s cool. I really like Gentry’s even though it was only sorta dubstep, just a beat takin off a song and repeated at different speeds. Towards the end though the repetition started getting old.

Typically a tempo of $140 bpm is selected…

It really isn’t.

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I don’t wanna talk dub-step at contests. It makes my throat hurt and my lips look funny flapping around trying to do the “whomp, whomp, whomp, whomp” sounds.


Then if you want to scare the living $#!+ out of your audience…

People’s music choices are just that,their choices. It just so happens that EDM and its buddies go well with the yoyoin scene. Just chill and wait for it to shift.or for the bass to drop. Whichever sounds better

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Welcome to today’s tutorial on dubstep production
Typically a tempo of 140 BPM is selected
First, we begin with a simple kick and snare pattern
Like so…

Next it’s time to add some hi-hats and cymbals to fill those spaces
And some modulated basslines
And be sure to make them heavy

Why not try adding a synth lead in a higher register
Perhaps some sound effects or pads
And now you are ready for the most important part of any filthy dubstep anywhere
The drop

[Add wub wub wub’s here.]

For extra brutality
Try adding a beatdown section

And if you really want to scare the living asdfasdfasdfasdf out of your audience
Try bringing the levels down and then take…

And taking them by suprise

I feel that yoyoing doesn’t sync well with obnoxious dubstep.

I’d much rather hear this stuff then the rap crap that I’d be embarrassed to let my kids listen to or have to be embarrassed if it were play at my house and I was in mixed company :(. So while I dislike dub step I dislike the rap stuff much more so this dub step thing is the much lesser of two evils.

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Too bad whats played at contests isn’t real dubstep, but mostly overplayed brostep. If i have to hear another damn skrillex track for a freestyle i might collapse. What i have noticed is becoming popular for freestyles is trap music. I find that much more suitable for a freestyle, and people that use it usually are in really good sync with the beat.


Death to brostep! This is where you find most of your wub wub wubs and deep throbbing bass and repetition. My electro music side is much more into house music and Madeon but mostly Madeon I love that guy seriously.

Maybe some acid jazz here and there…

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Thank you. ;D

I love the city!

Too bad. Hip Hop forever at a yo-yo contest near you Snafu :smiley: Cause almost everyone else knows what’s up.

I have never heard dubstep, but if it’s got a nice beat and bass…it might be for me. I’m going to try to find some to see if I like it. Someone post a good dubstep song for me to try.

I am posting this  because its actually quite nice (but its a sub genre of dubstep, and the most popular at that), great beginners choice! Its still really mainstream and im tired of people freestyling to this kind of music haha.

This one is also mainstream, but is closer to dubstep. It was a fav of mine when i was first introduced to the genre.

Other end of the dubstep spectrum, more close to drum n bass imo. Members of kinfe party are also members of pendulum if you are famliar with them. This is a favorite song of mine actually.

I like occasionally enjoy some hip hop, but I feel that using it in a contest is too high risk. It can be difficult to edit out all the “obscenities” that would call for a DQ. When I hear certain songs I know the words to I always think “this’ll be good”, because I know that the song they picked has tons of “spicy” word choice.

I’m just glad that no one is using Skrillex’s billboard hits anymore. I can’t even enjoy it now, because it’s been played so much. Everything else is cool.


Thanks Supbreh’ for posting that. I’m not “close minded” when it comes to music. I think everyone who truly loves music, can open their mind to all of it. That does not mean they will like it all. So, I have my preferences.

The two posted, I consider very different. I like them both for what they are. That second one is definitely not 140bpm in most places. Just judging by the kick/snare part. The hi hats go crazy in spots though. The funny thing is, there are some “great” moments in that second piece. Is it characteristic of the genre to do the “stop and go” “speed and slow” thing? I like the way it sounds…all futuristic, but I like music fairly consistent throughout except maybe during the bridge of the song. Many times, I don’t even enjoy bridges. I near some great moments, but then there is a switch. That must be the point though.

I see what might be appealing about it. I may try to create some of my own.

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Oh I can dig some good hip hop but what’s being passed as hip hop and rap just isn’t these days. Also I shouldn’t be afraid to watch a yoyo video around my kids or friends that are of different ethnicities then because Of the music choice. And that’s where my problem comes up if I have to be afraid of my kids repeating the words and getting in trouble or have my black friends get angry at me because of some untimely remark in a song it’s just not right. Like I said these area issues I love music and listen to most anything but somethings I just cannot stand racist, degrading, or demoralizing stuff just doesn’t fly with my is all.