Name of this song...?

Hey all,

Looking for the name of this song in this video, tried shazam but nothing came up, and its not like I can search lyrics…lol…wub wub wub dub dub wub.

And might I say ouch at the end!


Thats not a song. that is sound. songs have words and singing. that is all sounds fabricated on some type of sound mixing equipment. in my opinion no real talent there. people who can pick up real insturments (string, percussions, wood winds, etc.) and create music great music thats where the real talent is.

But then again im old so i like real music =) lol funny i remember this same topic when i was a teenager with my father. D’oh!!!

Hey dad if its too loud… your too old! … crap! i guess im the old one now :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya he will be feeling that one at the end there for awhile!

It’s called dubstep, and its what people listen to now, heck people even consider it the music of the future.

No ones starting a arguement here and no ones name calling untill you stepped in. so in your mind no one can have a different opinon? everyone has to agree with everyones post? just relax and learn see others opinons without getting all butt hurt.

it will serve you well.

Everyone just stop please. This is not a topic about music debate.
Please remove your comments unless you have any insight to what song this is.

Remove yours and I will remove mine.

We are trying to keep the forums clean of unnecessary arguing and tempers, so please comply with our wishes.

Thanks guys.


Wow bit early for that Jay.

sorry, I was in a bad mood. I deleted it after I read it to myself. sorry, it’s just that, as a dub step fan, everyone is constantly bothering me and making fun of my music tastes. I realize that he wasn’t being mean, I just had a short temper.

What is this supposed to mean?
I invite all issues that you may feel towards me out in the open, as I am always looking to improve myself as a person.