Dubstep vs Water

Wow! I think the dubstep won…

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scatta is my least favorite dubstep song of all time lol

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I know, it’s no good, but the bass is heavy, that’s why i used it.

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heyy l like that song :frowning:

anyways thats awesome! try using some cornstarch water on that thing its awesome!

Haha I thought this was going to be a forum game at first.

No it isn’t.


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Don’t bother with those videos unless you have for reals bass equipment at hand, as you likely wont hear it otherwise.

I wasn’t doing it to impress all of you, it was just for fun. Why not make whatever kind of video you want, you know?


Whats with the hostility, old lady? I posted some real bass weight, real dubstep, as what you posted claiming to be heavy bass is most certainly not.

Well Mr Mikers, it seems you like arguing on the internet. second thread today. just ignore him, yoyograndma.

Just when people don’t know what they’re talking about(that’s you, dude!)/post crap like Skrillex and call it dubstep or talk about how heavy the “bass” is.

It’s his opinion on whether it’s quote en quote “Heavy” dubstep, and his music tastes are his choice as well. If you don’t like Skrillex, then shut your darn mouth and vacate the thread. Hating and naysaying are frowned upon in this forum, and for good reason.

Good day.

Go learn to hit trapeze on a 201, brah. Get me kicked out for a few days if you think I’ve been breaking rules. There’s a report to moderator link under every one of my posts, ;D.

And no, bass is not a matter of taste or opinion, it’s there or it’s not.

“heavy” isn’t a set amount or decibel level, so saying that your songs are “heavier” than his means nothing. It’s like comparing floatiness of yoyos.

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Sorry, i’m not trying to start a fight. I’m sorry that i was incorrect about the heavy-ness of the bass? I’m not a person who listens to alot of dubstep, i guess i just wouldn’t know.

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Hey! Back to not knowing what the heck you’re talking about! I didn’t say one word about volume as it is irrelevant.

We speak of frequencies and drum patterns, bro. Would you like another try?

I’m going to assume you don’t listen to any, actually.
But… You do have ears, yes? Mayhaps one should use them. Probably the best way to decide if something is bass or not.

I’m not looking to argue with you, but you are trying to start a fight over something silly.



i dont wanna butt in but dude, chill out! its just a fun activity that oldyoyograndma wanted to try! no point in picking a fight dude. this is friggin yoyoexpert.com, not jersey shore!

Mikers, I think you need to leave the thread, and leave this alone. I understand that you think you have a greater knowledge of music and styles than the others here, but this is not worth trying to argue about, it is making you come across as someone who is trying to be big and bad by bullying the thoughts of other kids.

Not needed here.


To be fair, Mikers is right to an extent—Skream, Benga, etc. are old school dubstep producers. Skrillex is more of an electro house and glitch producer. By definition, dubstep (especially that which is of the older school) has much more bass and particularly sub-bass than electro house and glitch. Skrillex followers get extremely upset over this point and are at large much more poorly educated about the roots of the music they listen to, but that’s beside the point.

Even this is largely irrelevant given the fact that audio waves are a form of kinetic energy and when kinetic energy is imparted into water, the water tends to move. If this moving water is placed in a container in which the only open end is facing upward, this water will then splash out of the container so long as the amount of energy transmitted into it is sufficient. Seeing as this was the content of the original post, it is fair to assume this is central idea that the thread should at least in theory revolve around.

Lastly, it is worth noting that Mikers went about derailing this thread to evangelize the readers about music and what popular music has defiled. This is a laudable endeavor. However, he went about it in the worst possible way and quickly lowered himself to name calling. That is obviously a frowned upon activity.

This thread is closed. All further complaints can be directed to my inbox.