So... let's talk dubstep at contests.

I think the only thing that people should yoyo to is folk and bluegrass. That would make a yoyo contest much more appealing to everyone. LET ME HEAR DEM BANJOS! Either that or some good ole’ Woody Guthrie!

Hahaha yoooodle lay he hoo hehehe

Yeah, I think a lot of problems with hip-hop at contests has to do with the lack of common sense of some contestants. Hip-Hop is played on the radio all day and night, with no FCC violations for language. There are plenty of pre-edited versions of popular hip-hop typically called a “radio edit” or “clean version.” Many of them are already clean to begin with. A lot of people refuse to download a clean version for .99 and instead get a free copy from their friend, or use what is already in their Ipod. I personally prefer to download the song as explicit if it was originally created that way. I never grew up with cursing being so “taboo.”

By the way, I love folk music. I think it’s relaxing or calming. The stories are usually cool, and not too heavy. I like the acoustic nature of it. Not so much bluegrass, but folk gets a thumbs up.

Idk why people hate on dubstep. Oh wait yeah i do, because then haven’t been dripping in sweat on a dance floor with both hands in the air as the bass drops 142,000 watts of bass through your whole body…

EDM is great, so is the scene. Wonderful souls.

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You got a point there. I’m too old for a lot of it. Back when I was young, it was not that heavy, more of a “fun” dance party type music. It has evolved and you now have different types. No one wants to listen to Gospel rap, including me, but it is a genre. The ones that sell best or sensationalized is the controversial stuff. I got some yo-yo rap for you though :smiley:

I don’t have kids, but if I did I would have to explain everything on TV and radio these days. I would let them hear and see things…not from me, but I know you can’t totally shelter them from it. They will go to school and their friends will say stuff. I would keep an open line of communication about what is okay to say, what is not, the reasons why, that there is a time and place for certain things and so on. I have a few lazy friends who don’t want to take the time to explain, so they try to shelter their kids from things. If I were a parent, I would know it is impossible and prepare myself to explain “entertainment” and why certain people think it is okay to say certain things. If I think something sounds inappropriate I would tell them so and why.

I’ve sat at meals with adults and one kid will be present. One adult will slip and curse and then everyone is looking at everyone else with the “oops” look. The kid obviously knows someone just cursed. Adults tend to sit around and take kids for stupid, like they don’t know a curse when they hear it. If my kid was the one sitting there, he/she would know what the word means, why the person said it, and so on. I could always ask my parents stuff like that and get a descent answer. The answer might be all PC, but it was an answer. :smiley:

I was so, so excited when Gentry started off with that Parov Stelar track. Then it changed to that awful dubstep/noise/whatever. :frowning:

Yeah I was hyped when I heard Parov. I personally would like to see more freestyles to Pretty Lights, like Zach did in 2012.

I miss good old breakbeat house :slight_smile:

Never bring skrillex to a dubstep fight. Never.

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I have been into dubstep and drum and bass for many, many years. It sure has changed over the years.
I dont like this newer stuff. For me, dubstep has like a riddim to it, and has some dub/reggae roots.

Here is some older dubstep:

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I think we should all go hard on Eurobeat, just sayin’.

^ Now those are HOT.  I can dig that, and if it’s older dubstep…I like the sound of that.  I like things pretty consistent in rhythm…that’s good music.


Dubstep is fine, rap DOES NOT work…

…except for that time JD used a rap song, did one of the best freestyles ever, and won Worlds? It isn’t about your music, it’s about what you do.

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That’s partially true. It’s about the content of both being balanced against one another. Sort of like basic table salt. If you an excess of sodium or chloride you end up with a lethal poison, but in proper proportions and ratios your final product will beautiful seasoning good for eating.

Thank you!  I really dislike seeing skrillex and dubstep in the same sentence.  Here’s more OG dub:

Dubstep should be about the dub, reggae, 2 step feel imo, but the genre has changed so much in the last few years…

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Dub step is too overdone in all aspects of today’s society. Don’t get me wrong, I have some warm feelings towards dub step as a whole, since it is the reason that I began liking EDM so much. (Not skilled though, still don’t like him, I prefer me some Flux Pavilion)

If you ask me, trap is a good option for freestyles but I would really like to see some more electro/house, since it’s a little more pleasant on the ears.

If trance could only get some support in the yoyoing scene…

These are my 2 favorite YouTube pages to get music that I enjoy throwing to:

Majestic Casual:

Trap City:

I dig some dubstep, but it’s really been overdone and the stuff I hear at contests generally makes me cringe. The pop-laced mainstream “hip hop” also turns me off of a freestyle. I don’t judge based on musical preferences, but personally I guess I’m a bit of a hip-hop purist (Nujabes, the Tribe, and Wu Tang forever!)

When I’m throwing, I generally just throw to chilled-electronic or hip-hop beats. I’ve also been loving some of the stuff on the house scene recently.

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