Look What Happened!!

Hey guys, I recently participated in a Talent Show and this is my story…
I was Dub-stepping and Yo-yoing in one act so, I was dancing, did a few tricks, continued dancing and when I went to throw down my Starlite, (my act was glow-in-the-dark/ random colored lights/strobe lights(at times), it popped back up at me and later I found the reason… One of my response pads just happened to come off. Now Im just going to have to wait until Sunday to get some and put them on during yoyo club. Ugh.

Sorry about that, man! Sounds like it would have been a little embarrassing. What’d you do?

Well because it popped back up, I caught it and then just covered up by continuing Dub-stepping.

oh. Way to deal with it then! I’ve got a performance in a few days and I’m so nervous!

Wow. I never knew there was such a thing as “dub-stepping”. I’ll need to try that somewhere where no one can see me.


Well dub-stepping is really just dancing to dubstep music.

Also the 2 best things that happened that night were
1: Being the best act on stage voted by the audience. (I also sang, and was in a singing/dancing group.)
2: Celebrating it all with my friends at our traditional restaurant. (Greg’s)

nice, man!

Thanks, it took a lot of work (and determination, and time, but who cares about those?)

Sounds like fun! I dance as a hobby too, and people keep telling me I need to incorporate yoyos into my dance sets and vice versa. Probably won’t happen anytime soon though.

Just a minor note- there really is no dance genre known as “dub-stepping-” I haven’t seen you dance, but what you are probably doing is popping/animation/waving/boogaloo to dubstep, so just call yourself a dancer!

Well some people call it dub-stepping so I took it from the crowd I’ve seen do it, but yeah I do things like popping, and just crazy stuff, I’m gonna try to get a video of what I did from one of my friends backstage but that might take a while considering it’s the weekend.

sounds cool!

Yeah, but I wish it were to go better even though I impressed a couple of important people, (aka: the head of the school department in my city.)… That’s nothing… :slight_smile:

haha sounds like fun, man.

‘Read* What Happened’

… Ok, Sorry Man…

making me feel bad on the inside… :frowning: