The EDM thread!

  1. Bassnectar
  2. DatsiK
  3. Excision
  4. Delta Heavy
  5. Downlink

This thread is for general discussion about the world of Electronic Dance Music! I will try to update the threa once in a while so there will be a different forum game of sorts every once in a while!

The Glitch Mob

Can we make this other regions too? Like dubstep, house, DnB, drumstep ,hard dance, electo, trance, etc…
If so,

  1. Tut Tut Child
  2. Pegboard Nerds
  3. Glitch Mob
  4. Going Quantum
  5. Muzzy

That’s right, Monstercat represent.








Possibly EDM

  1. Deadmau5
  2. Feed Me
  3. Zedd
  4. Wolfgang Gartner
  5. Skrillex

EDM means electronic dance music, and glitch, dubstep, house, electro pop, trance, glitch, and so many other fall into this cstegory. Also since i was satying home yesterday due to a cold, i spent about 2 hours listening to excision. Ear bleed!

Cmon! I figured there would be more fans regarding this subject! :frowning:

Eh I listen to some electro screamo when i can find it.

1: Zed’s Dead
2: Flux Pavillion
3: Benga
4: Moullinex
5: Adventure Club

Above and Beyond

Represent. Also, EDM is Electronic Dance Music. Monstercat just labels songs that aren’t Dubstep, DnB, etc as EDM so they don’t run out of genre colors.

  1. Rouge
  2. Pegboard Nerds
  4. Noisestorm
  5. Varien
  6. Muzzy
  7. Knife Party
  8. Droptek
  9. Televisor
  10. Insan3Lik3
  11. Direct
  12. Skrillex
  13. Deadmau5
  14. Ephixa (Like his music but had been very rude lately)
  15. Obsidia

Who needs a top 5 when they can have a top 15 list.

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Yeah, Rogue is pretty awesome. I found out what EDM meant about fifteen minutes after
I made that post from the comments section of a monsercat media video. lol

This guy is a frickin legend.

New forum game! Merry christmas erryone!


Tut Tut Child is pretty awesome, too. Card Shark is amazing.

Also, I’m extremely excited for Droptek’s new release, Chaos Storm. Coming out on Monstercat on monday.

-daft punk
-knife party
-Porter Robinson
-Wolfgang Gartner
-The Prodigy
-Pendulum (it kind of count)

-Feed Me
-Purity Ring
-Young Magic
-Bingo Players
-Infected Mushroom
-Chemical Brothers
-The Bloody Beetroots
-Unicorn Kid
-Ronald Jenkees
-Boys Noize
-Flux Pavillion
-Teenage Bad Girl

Cmon now! Im abosolutely certain that theres a bigger fan base then this on yye!

I like a lot of stuff far more then I’d care to list but here is some of the latest stuff I’m listening to.

Purity Ring (Obedear/Belispeak)

Mystery Skulls (Ghost/Freaking Out/Amazing)

DatA (One in a Million/So Much in Love/Skywriter)

Danger (11h30/7h46/SĂ©bastien Tellier - Divine[Danger Remix] )

Ronald Jenkees (Throwing Fire/Piano Wire/From the Arrow Loop)

Digitalism (2 Hearts/Circles/Blitz)

Galactik Knights (Reaching for the Stars/Tonite/Sunshine)

Goose (Black Gloves/Can’t Stop Me Now/Synrise)

Teenage Bad Girl (Fast Blood Delivery/Bring it on/Cocotte)

Redial (45 Overdrive/Starscream/Close Them)