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There is Much, much more popular EDM artists than that. Anything by monstercat is good, Monstercat is like UKF but better. Try Tristam, Ephixa, Stephen walking…

Ephixa’s remix of Lost woods has over 11 million views.

…And If Calvin Harris is up there, Owl City should be up there too. (he’s electropop.)

And I like what you did, putting Skrillex as a lower option than “I don’t like EDM.” Nice work. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Wow, I’m suprised that Skrillex is winning…He’s decent but there is so many better artists than him.

And this is Monstercat’s most recent album mix (Good stuff):

And Yeah, I’m obsessed with EDM…I’m such an audiophile.


i do like skrillex, dont get me wrong lol. but people consider it dubstep! its NOT! he doesnt know what a drop IS! and yes, i know there are many edm artists out there! i just put some more popular well known choices up there!


you’re missing artists from a whole genre…



(Jei Cheetah) #6

Hard Trance?
J Core?
Goa Trance?
Hands up?

I refuse to vote.


(M.DeV1) #7

It’s all techno to me.


sorry guys i got lazy and i cant put ALL the artists :’(


david guetta has no talent whatsoever and fakes his live shows. he operates off itunes using the crossfader. i hate him.


hes an insult to edm. in deadmau5s words "david guetta? all he does is have two i pods and says “check out my new track with akon!” geez really! the only song of his i like is titanium.


gosh :’(

(M.DeV1) #12

Who here likes Avicii? M.DeV1 raises hand


you gotta love bassnectar. he combines dubstep, extreme bass, house, glitch and a few more! plus his music isnt repetitive and is creative and entertaining!


Really digging Make The Girl Dance right now, but of course they aren’t on here.

Where all the DnB at?
Glitch Hop?


i guess i missed too many! geez my poll cant be perfect… :frowning:

(M.DeV1) #16

Daft punk?


Well EDM is a huge encompassing term, and you seem to take a very narrow view of it.

Not trying to be offensive, just seems like the kind of thing unsuited to a poll.


maybe i should have narrowed it down to like dubstep or house or something.


Still too many to put in a poll, dude.


Yeah, you forgot Klaypex.