The EDM Appreciation Thread!


I remember making this thread a long time ago, decided to bring it back! The thread for discussing all types of EDM.

Favorite songs as of now:

  1. Find You/Clarity - Zedd
  2. Better Half of Me - Dash Berlin
  3. Red Lights - Tiesto
  4. Elements of life/ Adagio for Strings - Tiesto
  5. Carry the Sun - The Glitch Mob

Also F.Y.I I’ve heard the whole “blah blah that’s not even EDM mainstream = bad” argument before. I listen to more underground EDM too. I love almost all EDM, but my favorite songs happen to be the mainstream ones.

(LordCanti) #2

YES! EDM is awesome! ;D

Right now my top 5 are:

1.) Touch It/Technologic by Daft Punk
2.) Power Glove by Knife Party
3.) Professional Griefers (Vocal Mix) by Deadmau5
4.) Animals by Martin Garrix
5.) Shatter Me (Ft. Lzzy Hale) by Lindsey Stirling

Daft Punk is the reason I listen to EDM so they’re always #1 in my book. :wink:


Danger with some fresh tracks.
Very cinematic, very dark, and very good.

Very odd mix but I dig it.
Worth noting this album came out on December 21, 2012

It’s got that funky brass that I crave.
Just a heads up the video is very flashy.


Jonathan Mendelsohn’s voice is amazing. Best trance vocalist ever!


who doesn’t like EDM :smiley:

(LordCanti) #6

Well since I feel this thread needs a bump I’m gonna throw some jams up that I’ve been listening to recently. ;D (along with some artists I like.)

Daft Punk
Feed Me
Knife Party

Savoy - DIY
Savant - Red Claw
Krewella - Party Animals
Sigma - Nobody to Love
Feed Me - One Click Headshot


Nosaj thing’s music is so unique and groovy. His music does not get as much attention as it should.

My 2 favorite songs by him:

Light #1

Light #2

His music also seems to remind me of Charles Haycock’s yo-yo style for some reason.


Yes EDM is love. EDM is life. What did you guys think of skrillex’s new album?


I actually think skrillex’s newest album was his best work yet. A lot less aggressive than his other albums. It also seems like he combined elements of trap, dubstep, and brostep to make many of the songs. I really enjoyed it and i don’t understand why it gets so much hate.


Jacob van Hage - Raid ;D I love that drop. I die every time.

Aside from that Andrew Rayel all of the Find Your Harmony Album is just incredible. Totally worth a listen.


I thought that some of the tracks were extraordinarily good, but as well there were some that I thought were total trash. So you have the good with the bad, but I thought it was pretty good, totally not his best tho.


Feed Me’s new EP. Absolutely brilliant work.


I really enjoy the Album art on this one it really sets the mood of a magical yet twisted forest that the music really seems to hold.

Favorite track on the EP has to be “Kipod”.


Frozen by Celldweller and Blue Stahli
So long Sentiment - Celldweller
Echinopsis Peruviana Instrumental
Shadow - bustre
Halo - Eminence.


deadmau5 FTW!


I like some of his songs but sometimes he gets too repetitive with the beats but he’s cool.

(LordCanti) #17

^I agree with this.


thats why its called progressive house :wink:


Axwell center of the universe blinders remix is great. I personally love madeon with his song icarus, his deadmau5 remix and many other tracks


Quality progressive house. Smooth transitions and the buildup to the drop is filled with so many different sounds rather than just a bunch of pryda snares. The whole song just naturally comes together.