The Electronic Music thread!

Everything about electronic music!
Post your favorite artists, songs, and more!

I made a thread like this a while ago, and i dont wanna necro, so here it is! (Also, im using electronic music instead of EDM because pretty much everyone knows what electronic music is, but not everyone knows what EDM is.)

This guy makes the most beautiful music ever:

And this guy makes the filthiest trap!:

And Datsik, my favorite artist!:

Also. sorry haruray for kinda ripping off of your idea, but i figured by generalizing into all types of electronic music, more people would bother to post. :smiley:

Gramatik is alright, So is Ratatatatatatatatatatatatatat


Anybody listen to harsh noise, dark ambient, dark psy, industrial metal ie the dark side of electronic music.

like skrillex? not me but datsik pummels the sound waves pretty good!

are you joking?

I’ve listened to a little. Only artist I know of is KTL.

These people need more hype.

And if you’re not hyped for “Access Random Memories” then you ought to be.

Oooohhh I loooove electro house!!! Deadmau5 have SOME good stuff, but SOME bad stuff too. And Madeon is like my idol.

But nardcopter makes his own music, so nardcopter must be the best. (Actually his stuff is very basic. But with some more practice he will be better)

Why is nardcopter talking about himself in the third person?

…nardcopter has no idea…

skrillex is mainstream dubstep, I listen like he death metal of electronic ie harsh noise, dark ambiment or dark psy.

Destroy Them With Lazers
Knife Party
100% No Modern Talking

I like

Swedish House Mafia
Porter Robinson
Coyote Kisses
Glitch Mob
Flux Pavillion
Knife Party
Daft Punk

Mad props man.

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Ratatat isn’t really EDM…

and +1 for Lemaitre. They absolutely rock.

Honestly, Im not “hardcore” or any of that junk when it comes to electronic. So if it sounds electro, to me its electro.

Also got no idea what EDM is so that shows how not hardcore I am.

I thought it was obvious :stuck_out_tongue:

Trace,you read my mind every time… ;D

I actually love Owl City. Not sure if Owen is just being sarcastic though. And he’s Electropop/Synthpop, so yes, he’s considered “electronic music”.

I’m not going to get into this much, since I’ve already made a long list of artists I love on the other thread. But Capital Kings deserves waaay more recognition. It seems like everybody that has heard them loves them. There’s only 20 reviews on the Google Play store of their album, all 5 stars. And their most popular video has over 600 likes and 2 dislikes. IMO the only good electropop group that doesn’t have awful lyrics, like Kesha. Kesha’s Electropop is sick but her lyrics suck.

These guys are Electropop BTW.

Now, for some more heavier electrohouse/dubstep:

Also, been loving this. Rogue’s official remix for Krewella’s “Come and Get it”

Been jamming to this for a week…This is entered in a remix contest, he totally deserves to win:

Haha I was being sarcastic, but I was simply saying there are better people out there.

No hate to Owl City! His songs were the songs I jammed to in middle school :stuck_out_tongue:

I know right.  :smiley:

Hudson Mo is the stuff.

Pretty Lights, Cut Chemist, Omar Souleyman, Telefon Tel Aviv, Skream, She Wants Revenge. Sanskrit is my fav station on Pandora and if you can’t tell, I’m really into more chill electro.