There’s probably already been a thread about this, but I haven’t seen one in a while.

I mostly like electronic. My taste has been varying a lot, but right now I am around Chillstep and indie electric pop.

Some artists I enjoy

Pretty Lights
Passion Pit
The Glitch Mob
Porter Robinson
Little People

Share your favorite music! I’m also always looking for suggestions for new artists and songs to look into!

How does that genre exist???

Anyways, here are some of my favorite artists.

Dream Theater
Deep Purple
Pink Floyd
Within Temptation

I mostly listen to CCM

Some of my favorite bands:
Tenth Avenue North

you would probably really enjoy my buddy Danny Moore’s music

He makes some amazing chillstep and I always enjoy spreading the word about his stuff.

As far as what I listen to, this varies depending on my mood. I can go from anything from Avril Lavigne to Cephalic Carnage in the span of just a song or two depending on my mood. Typically the bands that I listen to are as follows though:

Dream Theater
Between the Buried and Me
Birds of Tokyo
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Chimp Spanner
The Algorithm
Norma Jean

I would have ended with an etc. but seeing as though these are all pretty random other than a majority of them being prog bands, an “Et Cetera” would not really make sense. I have been a musician for more than half of my life and I can find unique qualities in everything I have ever heard (except Owl City and this thing… whatever it is []).

There are very few artists that I will refuse to listen to but the two I mentioned just kind of cross a boundary that I don’t like to push. There is nothing wrong with people that enjoy that stuff, I just can’t really listen to that stuff…

Taste is a funny thing, it is actually defined by what you don’t like rather than what you like. By not liking certain kinds of music, we try to distinguish ourselves from certain social or economic groupings. The very obvious example to this is hipster culture, which is based on avoiding mainstream culture.

That’s the musicology student talking.

I listen to bands that play where I live. I rarely ever listen to music unless I’m analyzing it, learning it or sitting down with a whole album. I’ve grown into this idea that music should deserve my attention, so I prefer not to just have it running as background noise. The result has been that most of the music that I get is through live experience.

That said, I do get to see a lot of great artists coming by my city. Especially now that Norway’s biggest culture festival is running. I skipped buying tickets for Macklemore or Mac Miller, and went for Röyksopp and Susanne Sundfør instead. Röyksopp being a somewhat internationally known Norwegian electronica duo. Sundfør isn’t that well known internationally, though she did do some vocal work on the soundtrack for the movie Oblivion.

I’m also going to get another concert with Doffs Poi, a smaller Norwegian band playing music with a lot of staggering, asymmetrical time signatures.

Some links:


With Röyksopp:

Doffs Poi:

I mostly listen to Dream Theater, Assorted classical, Imagine Dragons, Jars of Clay, Toby Mac, and a tiny bit of One Republic.

Got to see them last week it was pretty awesome.

Here’s three songs that I’m enjoying right now pretty well

Nice i’ve listened to some Röyksopp and I loved it.