Music recommendation

I need some new music. Give me some you like.

AWOLNATION, Walk The Moon, Two Door Cinema Club,Sleigh Bells, Grouplove…I have tons

Joy division, The Strokes

Knife Party
Both are techno, of course :slight_smile:

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Geographer, Discovery, Switchfoot, Arctic Monkeys, Dr. Dog, Matt Costa, The Wombats, Passion Pit, and pretty much anything from the 70s.

New Found Glory, Yellowcard, Set Your Goals, Man Overboard, Fireworks, Boys 2 men, Say Anything, Body Count, The Story So Far, Justin Bieber, Tallest Man On Earth.

that’s a pretty good variety of music that I like.

deadmau5, switchfoot, reliant k, b. reith, lacrae, disciple.

Bronze radio return, imagine dragons, mumford and sons, foster the people, delta spirit, and of course The Doors

I agree 100% with what you just posted…I like you already

Pretty good stuff their. I’ll add Empire of the Sun, Phoenix, Arcade Fire, Freelace Whales, Alt-J,TV On the Radio,MGMT, Mumford & Sons, and Modest Mouse.

A play list of some of my favorite Electronica artists (MGMT is on there even though they’re not Electronica because it fit the theme of my playlist. Plus they’re awesome.)

It’s like you’re in my brain…

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Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire, The prepared piano sonatas by John Cage, Bach’s well tempered clavier, The Stravinsky Ballets.


If you’re looking for something outside the box, check out The Notwist (alternrock/electronic/jazz fusion; really sort of genre-bending), Future Islands (three-man new wave group: keyboard/synth, bassist, and singer), Islands (bubbly, fun, doo-wop alternrock), Baths (kinda crunchy and erratic experimental electronic; grating to some, but worth a shot), or The Go! Team (inner city inspired cheers and jump rope chants, super duper duper fun stuff).

If you want more ambient albums, look at post-rock groups like Sigur Rós (contains singing, but is either Icelandic or “Hopelandic”, their own made-up language), God is an Astronaut (more aggressive space-rock-y), or Explosions in the Sky (more shimmery and light). Boards of Canada is another great option for electronic ambient.

The National is a band worth checking out as well. It’s an alternative rock band that really does a great job with ensemble instrumentation, with the standard three piece accompanied by piano, brass, and woodwind. And the singer is a baritone, which gets brownie points. Kinda have to put on your dad jeans for this one, as topics cover getting drunk, having meaningless sex, moving away from home, and watching old friends turn into something they’re not. Also, their drummer seems a little out of place at first, but is super rad.

The Notwist

Future Islands



The Go! Team

Sigur Rós

God is an Astronaut

Explosions in the Sky

Boards of Canada

The National

Nuff Said.  So Tempted to do my 1A routine for SCR to this…

Just for those two you’re so much more of a hero to me. I will give the other groups a listen when I get a chance.

Have Heart

this is the most inspirational band I have ever listened to. I was going to post a song, but I couldn’t decide which one to do. so here is a sample. it is the intro to their final album. you should check them out. I get chills when I hear their songs. they make me want to be the best person I can be. I can’t say any other band has had such an impact on my life. I doubt there will ever be another band that will have such a positive impact on my life. they keep the fire burning inside.

Simon And Garfunkle.
Nuff Said.

Simon and Garfunkel are legends. You just gained over 9000 cool points from me, ManofMystery. Good jobbbbb!