Im at a loss for music right now. :(


Hey guys! Im looking for some more music to listen to! I literaly dont know of any music at all accept like 20. I like electronic stuff, but ill take almost anything. make shure the music is clean. If it is not, and you have already posted it, then modify, and delete.

(oh, and no rap please)

EDIT: Please post videos!!!


Chase Hadden’s SoundCloud ???


just youtube Dvorak’s Slavonic dances and be immersed in awesome for 2 hours. then find the vivaldi concertos, the bach cello suites, Beethoven’s Sinfonia Eroica, handel’s Messiah, wagner’s ring cycle, and Stravinsky’s firebird. after that, all music you listen to from then on will sound like crap.




I tried to stick to electric stuff, but some are more electric than others. I could have chosen some bad examples for the artists, but anything by these guys are really, really good (especially Shlohmo and Washed Out; if you like electric, check them out; Snowmine too, not so electric, but great). I’m going to post one of each artist I’m going to say, but I might put in more for some of them. Also, I have plenty more if you want them. I think that should do for now though. ;D



Zeds Dead:




Toro Y Moi:

Washed Out:

Purity Ring:


Yeah, my friend loves his music. Not my type though.


My soundcloud


Pandora is a great way to find new songs.


Grooveshark. Go on. Pic a genre and go.

(Owen) #11

Gotye, Fitz and the Tantrums, Handbook(Soudcloud), Xperiment (Soundcloud), and hipster weirdest music time Tally Hall.


Dirty Harry without the rap is my favorite.


There’s a version of Dirty Harry without the rapper.


Can you post some videos of the songs?

(Owen) #15


Check out ronald jenkees, he is super chill. Songs by him I like include stay crunchy, throwing fire, piano wire.

Also check out lindsey stirling, she plays violin and throws in some electronica.

Frank sinatra is also really cool to throw to.


Woah, Ronald Jenkees is amazing!



So, liking anything so far (just out of curiosity)? Also, I’ve been debating if I should post more, because I have a ton of music. Would that be okay if I did more…?


Im liking a lot of it! It would be cool if you could post more! Got any stuff with more words though? This isn’t only for yo-yoing.