What are you currently listening to?


My favourite Floyd album, that!

Now playing: Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith


Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

(ZAC) #66

Tyler Cassidy.


The first half of Defenders is killer but the second half…not as much momentum or rather, a different vibe.

({John15}) #68

Echoes tho


I think he was talking about the Judas Priest alnbum! :smiley:

Yes! Echoes! I take it you are familiar with the Live At Pompei video? That version of Echoes is the bees knees


(Choncworth) #71

(Sergio) #72

I typically listen to Tool and Deftones but for some reason, right now I can’t stop listening to Post Malone

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #73

Oh! I see you mean music. lol

Well I can tell you one thing for sure, if Mom and Dad don’t tell you to “turn that noise down” it just isn’t good music.

(Metallica and AC DC)

What? What? Sorry Mom can’t hear you! :joy:

({John15}) #74

it’s time to sleep :whale:

(Choncworth) #76

Digital sea, Allday

dGd this AM.

({John15}) #77

I’m on a Lorn kick tonight. Turn up the bass


Music stops at 3:25. The rest is silence



Sega Sunset

Acid Rain

(Tyler) #78


I just wish this guy recorded more, i love the mix of heavy riff and Moody Blues-esque vocal harmonies!


Anathema - Judgement

({John15}) #81

Animals As Leaders- Nephele :metal:

Also, CAFO

I saw these guys live with Between the Buried and Me about 8 years ago. Best metal show I’ve ever seen. The reason why? As complex as these studio version songs are, they totally nailed them live. It is a very impressive form of music. Three guys can make such a powerful and complex sound.

I have tremendous respect for artists who can perform studio quality music in a live atmosphere. There are so many bands, especially metal bands, who can produce epic sounds in a studio, but their live game is so weak it’s shameful.

Not these guys. These guys produce music for musicians.

(Tyler) #82

AAL :yellow_heart:
Saw them a couple times up in Detroit, so amazing live
I could never get tired of watching Matt Gartska play drums

({John15}) #83

Legendary. I can’t even comprehend what’s going on here, but it sounds awesome lol


Mid to late 60’s psych rules. The more obscure the better. The Pebbles collections pulls together a lot of that stuff.