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({John15}) #85

Iron and wine :heart:

({John15}) #86

Feet Foxes :heart:


My biggest inspiration when it comes to harmonicas. I just realized something…I have 3 harmonicas and each cost way more than any yoyo I own. I have a bunch of $8 harmonicas and the difference between them and my $60+ Hohners is vast even though they look similar. Okay, I get it.

(Pantheon Throws) #88

Loving myself some airborne toxic event. Probably one of my favorite artists of all time

({John15}) #89

Shine on :smirk:

(Tyler) #90

This is hands down my favorite Floyd album. Wish you were here always reminds me of my late brother and gets me in the feels, but in a good way

({John15}) #91

I can never hear shine on for the first time ever again.

But I can hear it for the first time, in a long time.

I feel you dude. Reminds me of my mom, she was most definitely a crazy diamond…

({John15}) #92



Some of my favourite footage on youtube


I love the vibe which makes me feel this was from 1971. Good stuff.

(Justin ) #96

One of my favorite guitarists, Rafiq Bhatia.


This slab of genius. Can’t et enough of that guitar tone!

(Tyler) #98



Cool! Never heard them before, I think I will have to investigate further :slight_smile:

(r/Throwers Mod.) #101

Bassnectar has some serious tunes. One of my favs.


They made one demo, and 2 albums and in 1988 or so the members went on to form other bands. Their first album was in the list of one of the best albums of 1985 for Rolling Stone. Underneath the abrassiveness are great and catchy songs. This ep was made while the band members were in highschool.


Cheers man! :slight_smile:

Now playing:

Soft Machine - Fourth

(David Hough) #104

I have been really into the new Within Temptation album.