What are you currently listening to?

(Gregory Braun) #105

I’m in the Mazzy Star phase of my cycle.

({John15}) #106


(Yiyang Wang) #107

I have dreams about this song and music video haha.


A lot of Darkwave / Synth / Goth Dark Folk

(David Hough) #109

I’ve been on a crazy Danzig/Misfits kick lately. Before that it was Blind Guardian.


Ah, the classics.


Los Angeles,1981


I loved that song from the start but when I read Phil Lesh’s autobriogaphy and realised he wrote it about his dying father it “hit me in the feels” all the more!

({John15}) #114

I like the studio version the best. Have you heard any notable live versions?


Today: the “This is John Prine” station on Spotify.

John Prine is a national treasure as far as I’m concerned. One of the best singer/songwriters of his (or most any) generation.


I don’t think they played it live many times and good job too because the versions I have heard Phil’s singing is way off, like really quite bad. Thankfully he was one hell of a bass player!

(Choncworth) #117

(⛷ Noisy Lurker) #118

Haha! That’ll teach ya to ask. :roll_eyes:


Chelsea Wolfe : Abyss and Hiss Spun